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The NeuroLeadership Insitute’s mission: make organizations better for humans through science.

To do that, we deliver neuroscience-backed solutions designed to align your organization’s priorities, habits, and systems. The result? Measurably improved performance, stronger cultures and better business outcomes.

Inspire Commitment

We understand how the brain works and partner with you to help you see your organization, your work, and your world in new ways. 




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Corporate Solutions by Practice Area

Harness science-backed behavior change programs to transform your habits, teams and business outcomes for the better.

Culture & Leadership

  • GROW

    Instill a growth mindset in your organization.


    Minimize distraction and deliver what matters.

  • FLEX

    Master the science and habits of optimal hybrid work.

  • CALM

    Label, interpret, and defuse the signals that trigger escalation.

  • CARE

    Develop the skills for a supportive workplace.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


    Mitigate unconscious bias and make effective decisions.


    Operationalize the true power of diverse teams.

  • ALLY

    The neuroscience of advocating for others.


    Inspire teams to speak up and share ideas.


    Take a scientific approach to mitigating bias in recruitment.

Talent & Performance


    Create shared understanding and improve performance with quality conversations.


    Optimize performance through cultures of continuous feedback.


    Execute informed, accurate, and fair evaluations.


    Understand, inspire and partner with employees to be their best.

  • TEAM

    Unlock innovation and collaboration through psychological safety.

Inspire Commitment

We understand how the brain works and partner with you to help you see your organization, your work, and your world in new ways. 


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years of research


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success in all behavior change


0 Million

employees a year

Partnering With

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of the Fortune 100

What Powerful Partnerships Look Like

We offer science-backed pathways to transformation for businesses of all sizes — wherever you are in your transformation journey.



Thought leadership changing the world.
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Clear strategies & frameworks to accelerate transformation.
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Behavior change

Scale quickly with proven habit activation initiative.
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Transformation Tools for Every Business

Transform your organizaton's priorities, habits and systems with a diverse array of delivery models.

Distributed Learning Solutions

Cost-effective, globally scalable virtual delivery of bite-sized behavior-change solution content that only demands one hour per week over the course of a month to start shaping habits.

High Impact Virtual Experience

Concepts, habits, and behavior-change strategies of our neuroscience-based solutions are deeply embedded into your teams via a low-distraction, highly-focused shared learning experience.


Self-paced interactive digital experiences featuring up to 20-minutes of condensed learning, practice tools and sustainment resources, and access for unlimited learners.


NLI experts and consultants demonstrate the concepts of neuroscience and the insights behind our solutions through keynote presentations and targeted research briefings.


Let your own people experts and HR officers enjoy access to the full suite and library of NLI's research and enterprise solution materials to bolster your culture change priorities.


Enjoy exclusive access to NLI industry research, client case studies, evidence-based resources, and exclusive events focused on generating high-impact insights and actionable strategies.

Explore Our Impact

Partnerships with NLI drive research-driven action focused on delivering lasting results.


Reshaping Feedback and Learning with Microsoft

The work being done at Microsoft keeps the world moving. See how they partnered with NLI to help their people learn more from one another and build an enthusiastic feedback culture.

Instilling Inclusive Practices with IBM

IBM keeps us connected in many integral ways. Partnering with NLI introduced their leaders to the SCARF Model® of understanding communication, which spurred an exploration of more empathetic paths to inclusion and work/life balance.

Fostering Psychological Safety with Boeing

Boeing is dedicated to getting us all where we need to be. When they set out to create a culture where every employee feels safe to speak up and that their voice matters, they worked with NLI to “Seek, Speak, and Listen.”

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