The Neuroscience of Better Feedback

IMPROVE is a solution to help the people in your organization share and receive feedback in a way that is less threatening and feels more “normal” and comfortable. This program provides a three-part strategy to support individual improvement and growth at scale.

Who This Is For

Organizations, leaders and teams seeking to develop continuous feedback cultures and drive better performance outcomes.


IMPROVE is offered in a number of modalities, including our Distributed Learning SystemsIn-Person Workshops and High Impact Virtual Experiences.

Time Commitment

This program can be rolled out to hundreds or thousands of employees in 30 days, via bite-sized learning experiences.

Empower, evolve and excel together

Create a culture of asking for feedback and actioning it more effectively.

Participants can expect an enriching habit activation journey built on the neuroscience of learning — focused on three key habits.

Notice Opportunities to Ask for Feedback

Ask for feedback once a week, broadly and explicitly — mitigating threat and maximizing progress.

Ask & Share: What to Build On

Share feedback effectively and thoughtfully when asked.

Ask & Share: Where to Focus

Share feedback more often and effectively when not asked, redirecting effort where it’s needed most.

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