The Neuroscience of De-Escalation

Equip leaders and teams with the skills to identify and mitigate problems that lead to workplace conflict.

Recognize Escalation Before it Starts

Understand the cognitive conditions that can cause escalated situations, and how to mitigate them.

Understand and Interpret Conflict Triggers

Recognize the factors of likely escalations faster and more accurately in any context.

Keep Teams Connected and Aligned

Create a common language that encourages psychological safety and promotes productive conversations.

Prepare for Anything

Learn the benefits and strategies for practicing, to ensure you’re ready to keep CALM when it counts.
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More than 60% of the Fortune 100 trust the NeuroLeadership Institute to transform their organizations.

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We're all first-responders now. Tap into the science of de-escalation to cool conflict and keep teams connected.

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Developed by Experts

We crafted teams of industry practitioners, strategic consultants, and scientists to help tackle your unique talent challenges.

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Inside the Program

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Activate Habits

Use science to create lasting behavior change at scale


Label threats to calm high emotions and remain cognitive control.


Interpret needs to find out what’s at the core of an issue.


Defuse the situation by responding productively to find solutions .

Leverage the Science

Apply simple tools based on deep research to embed each habit

Practice Tools

Precision tools that make the research extremely accessible and actionable.

Research Summaries

Complex research simplified into digestible pieces to embed ideas fast.

Conversation Guides

Real-time guides ensure robust, high-impact conversations.

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Apply At Scale

A world class set of digital tools to bring FLEX to your organization at scale
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Executive Briefings & Private Webinars

Participants will join their peers in a rich dialogue that explains the impact of extraordinary events on our brains and what they can do about it.

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HIVE Virtual Learning for Groups

Participants take part in focused experiences that generate strong insights and provide practical tools.

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Distributed Learning Solutions

Coming soon: On-demand digital learning when and where your employees want it with tools that will help them break bias.