Make Inclusive, Informed, and Successful People Decisions

Managers will learn how bias impacts different parts of the hiring process and how to adopt and apply three habits to mitigate bias.

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How SELECT™ Changes Behavior


Know what you are looking for, and objectively evaluate each candidate


Create a set of deliberate steps you will take in each stage of the hiring process, with each candidate


Seek multiple sources of input, take distance out of the equation, and actively look for and value any sources of diversity

Simple Tools Built on Deep Research

Simple Tools

Practice Tools

Precision tools that make the research extremely accessible and actionable

Evaluation Guides

Real-time guides ensure a robust, high-impact conversation every time

Deep Research

Research Summaries

Decide: Research Summaries

Complex research simplified into digestible pieces, to embed ideas fast

Research Papers


60+ peer-reviewed research papers generating original insight to transform leadership

Bring This Highly Scalable Training Solution to Your Organization

Digital Learning Solutions


Bite-sized audio and video content delivered across four weeks to thousands of managers at a time

Integrated Learning Solutions


Three 90 minute sessions using NLI’s HIVE (High Impact Virtual Experience) methodology, impacting hundreds to thousands of participants

In Person


Expert-led generative learning experiences that are half-day, one-day, or of customizable length to fit your organization’s needs.

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