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Thinking Partnerships 101

The NLI method for consulting

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What are Thinking Partnerships?

Thinking Partnerships are how NLI approaches human capital consulting. We work with clients to develop strategies that follow the science of individual and organizational change, shifting the shared everyday habits that comprise a culture. We call this work a Thinking Partnership because it is a partnership. We don’t talk at clients; we work with them, coming to realizations together. We deliver this work in a dynamic, highly agile and largely virtual model, allowing for inclusion of stakeholders wherever they may be.

We move fast and deep, in small teams on both sides, with a focus on finding insights quickly.


Our thinking partnerships are built on a vast and growing body of research, including social interaction, learning, and behavior change. We distill scientific insights into applicable business strategies for our clients.


This approach enables us to help clients simplify complex ideas to their core insights and find optimal solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. We’ve helped leaders build growth oriented cultures, teams elevate inclusive behaviors to drive innovation, and organizations grow into a culture of feedback.


With a firm foundation in the science, Thinking Partnerships make these changes possible — and sustainable.

The work we’ve done

Case Study:

HP Finds Its Growth Mindset — and Reignites A Culture

Over the course of one year, HP Inc. partnered with the NeuroLeadership Institute to create massive culture change among thousands of leaders.

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