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Case Studies: Culture & Leadership

Explore how organizations transform their culture, and shift mindsets at scale.

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Case Studies: Culture & Leadership

Explore how organizations transform their culture, and shift mindsets at scale.

Business Transformation at Impact, Speed & Scale

Learn how organizations like yours leverage neuroscience to transform leadership development, learning and culture — with evidence-based practices and measurable results.

Featured Case Study: Microsoft

As detailed in the Harvard Business Review, Microsoft remade its leadership framework with the brain in mind—going from exhaustive detail to essential principles.

Concurrently, it also embraced a growth mindset, shifting from a culture of know-it-alls to a culture of learn-it-alls.

“When our executives speak externally, you will hear clarity, energy and success throughout all their talks, and it’s not because we’re coaching them. It’s because it’s just working so well.”

Explore Our Culture & Leadership Case Studies

Learn how organizations across a wide variety of business verticals build the habits to transform their culture, and shift mindsets.

What Powerful Partnerships Look Like

We offer science-backed pathways to transformation for businesses of all sizes — wherever you are in your journey.



World-changing thought leadership at your fingertips.

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Clear strategies & frameworks to accelerate transformation.

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Behavior Change

Scale quickly with proven habit activation initiatives.

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Standard Corporate Solutions for Culture & Leadership Transformation

Harness science-backed behavior change programs to transform your habits, teams and business outcomes for the better.


The Neuroscience of Growth Mindset

Instill a growth mindset in your organization.


The Neuroscience of De-Escalation

Label, interpret, and defuse the signals that trigger escalation.


The Neuroscience of Thriving Through Crisis

Minimize distraction and deliver what matters.


The Neuroscience of Empathy

Develop the skills for a supportive workplace.


The Neuroscience of Hybrid Leadership

Master the science and habits of optimal hybrid work.


Transformations co-created with you.

Assess, understand, plan and execute culture change at your organization.

Unearth Opportunities

Unsure where to start? Use our Solution Assessment to let us know where your challenges lie, and we’ll provide recommendations for how you might move forward.

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