FOCUS: The Neuroscience of Thriving Through Disruption
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Don’t prove yourself. Improve yourself.

Through GROW, organizations can instill a growth mindset in their teams at scale and in just a matter of weeks. Participants report being “more focused” on getting the information they need and “not as worried about being judged” for asking questions. With just a change in mindset, employees can become more engaged, more primed to spot opportunities, and more resilient in the face of change.

Embed this scalable learning initiative and leverage growth mindset to turn the uncertainty of change into opportunity for learning.

GROW covers the essential habits to practice in three critical areas

Embrace a Growth Mindset

Explore the value of everyone embracing a growth mindset

Always Improve

Inspire employees to continually learn, grow, and improve

Inspire Others

Further embed the learning to establish greater buy-in across teams

After 30 days of GROW,90% of 700employees in a major telecom identify fixed mindsets at least once a week.
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Apply simple tools based on deep research

Each module has the following tools and guides to help leaders at your organization embed each habit.

Practice Tools

Precision tools that make the research extremely accessible and actionable

Research Summaries

Complex research simplified into digestible pieces to embed ideas fast

Conversation Guides

Real-time guides ensure robust, high-impact conversations

Bring GROW to your organization with:

Executive Briefings & Private Webinars

Participants will join their peers in a rich dialogue that explains the impact of extraordinary events on our brains and what they can do about it.

HIVE Virtual Learning for Groups

Using NLI’s High Impact Virtual Experiences technology, participants take part in focused experiences that generate strong insights and provide practical tools.

Distributed Learning Solutions

On-demand digital learning when and where your employees want it with tools that will help them GROW.

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