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People and Performance Podcast

People and Performance Podcast: Adding More Data to Your DEI Strategy

NLI's Global Head of DEI, Janet M. Stovall, joins the People and Performance Podcast to discuss how a data-driven strategy approach to DEI can improve organizational performance and help shape company cultures.

HR Today

Surviving Layoffs

HR Today includes guidance from NLI's Global Head of Performance Practice, Christy Pruitt-Haynes, on how organizations can navigate planning lay-offs to avoid damaging the company's culture and brand.


MPW Next Gen 2023 – State Of The Workforce

Nichole Hoskins (Global Head of People, NeuroLeadership Institute) joins Holly Ojalvo (Managing Editor, FORTUNE) and Neela Rajendra (Chief Inclusion Officer, Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory) in a discussion on the state of workplace culture in 2023, and how managers can best guide their teams through uncertainty.


How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Three Steps

Co-founder and CEO of The NeuroLeadership Institute, Dr. David Rock, shares three steps with Quartz on how to become a resilient leader by developing a growth mindset.


Redefining Leadership For The Hybrid Work Era

Matt Summers, Global VP of Leadership at NLI, interviewed with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky from Forbes on how to balance business outcomes with human-centric outcomes for optimal organizational and employee success.

Success Magazine

Some Gen Zers Are Including Their Social Media on Resumes—Should You?

NLI's Global Head of Performance Practice, Christy Pruitt-Haynes, provides insight to Success Magazine on how to decide whether or not you should add social media to your resume.

Wise Decision Maker

#96: Hybrid and Remote Work Requires True Human Connection: Matt Summers, NeuroLeadership Institute

Matt Summers, Global VP of Leadership at the NeuroLeadership Institute, meets with Wide Decision Maker's Dr. Gleb Tsipursky to discuss how leaders can facilitate true human connection through hybrid and remote work.


HR Leaders are Getting Battered by Crises—and it’s Leading to Burnout and Higher Turnover

In this article from Fortune, NLI's Global Head of Leadership, Matt Summers, discusses the strained mental capacity that has lead to HR leader burnout and how it can be overcome.

Fortune Recommends

Fortune Recommends – 10 Work-From-Home Jobs that Don’t Require Talking on the Phone (and Pay up to $80K)

Fortune Recommends provides 10 work-from-home jobs along with some communication tips from Christy Pruitt-Haynes (NLI's Global Head of Talent and Performance).

The Business Journals

Companies are Losing Momentum on DEI. Here’s Why that Could be Costly.

The Business Journals navigates the financial loss stemming from a decline in DEI programs, and provides insight from NLI's Global Head of DEI, Janet M. Stovall, on how to hold companies accountable for progress.

Financial Times

The Flattening: Tech Sector Calls Time on Middle Managers

In this article, Financial Times explains the concept of 'flattening,' as a savings strategy from tech companies involving massive job cuts in middle management. NLI's Global Head of Talent & Performance, Christy Pruitt-Haynes, weighs in on the possible implications of this movement.


Inside the Quiet Workplace Phenomenon: What Leaders Need to Know

Find insights from NLI's Global Head of Leadership, Matt Summers, on the 'quiet working' trend and what organizations can do about it in this article from WorkLife’s Quiet Workplace Guide.

Microsoft WorkLab Podcast

Dr. David Rock on Employee Autonomy | Microsoft WorkLab Podcast

In this episode of Microsoft WorkLab, Dr. David Rock explains the transformative impact of autonomy on employee motivation and performance.

The Information

Google, Meta Struggle to Figure Out Employee Reviews

The Information explores how different organizations have conducted performance reviews, and provides insight from Christy Pruitt-Haynes (NLI's Global Head of Talent and Performance).


Executives are Inadvertently Stunting the Growth of Their Employees

In this article from Fortune, Matt Summers (NLI's Global VP of Leadership) encourages leaders to invest in their most prized resource - their talent.

Fast Company

Forget Information and Focus on This Instead

NLI's Dr. David Rock and Dr. Emma Sarro explain the experience of generating insights to increase performance.


Is Your Workplace a ‘Psychologically Safe’ Environment?

Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder and CEO of NLI) and Evynn McFalls (Global Vice President, Marketing & Brand at NLI) explain the concept of psychological safety and how organizations can implement best practices for their people.


How to Write a Meeting Request Email (With Examples)

Pumble has put together a 'how to' for expertly writing meeting request emails, which includes best practice tips from NLI's Global Head of Talent and Performance, Christy Pruitt-Haynes.


Less Than Half of US Workers Use All Their Vacation Days

Bloomberg shares statistics on why only 48% of US workers say they use all of their vacation time, followed by a broader explanation from NLI's Global Head of Talent and Performance Practice, Christy Pruitt-Haynes.

Built In

Is Your Workplace Helping Women Thrive?

Built In's report on equity for women in the workplace includes commentary from NLI's Global Head of Performance Practice, Christy Pruitt-Haynes, on how Covid changed the way women approach their careers.


Want to Advance Diversity? Avoid These Three Pitfalls

Janet M. Stovall, Global Head of DEI at the NeuroLeadership Institute, clarifies three myths associated with DEI programs in her article written for Nasdaq.


Why Hiring the Best Available Candidate May Be Better than Hiring for a Specific Job

Along with advice on how to hire the best candidates for open positions, SHRM interviewed Christy Pruitt-Haynes (NLI's Global Head of Talent and Performance Practice), for her thoughts on how to retain top performers and ensure fairness within the organization.

Built In

“If I Advanced, So Can You”: The Leadership Fallacy That Impedes DEI

After their recent discussion on the progress of DEI in the workplace, Built In highlights advice from Christy Pruitt-Haynes (NLI's Global Head of Talent & Performance Practice) on how to correct the misconception that all advancement opportunities remain equal.

Built In

Silence On DEI: Louder Than Words

After their recent panel discussion about the state of DEI in tech, Built In put together an edited Q+A excerpt from their conversation with Christy Pruitt-Haynes (NLI's Global Head of Talent and Performance Practice).

Houston Business Journal

Many Companies are Losing Momentum on DEI. A Common Mistake is One Factor.

Houston Business Journal interviewed Janet M. Stovall, Global Head of DEI at NLI, to better understand how unclear communication has held organizations back from their progress on DEI.


Confidence in Leadership Drops to Lowest Level in a Decade

NLI's VP of Consulting, Rachel Cardero, provides commentary in "Worklife" on recent reports that leadership confidence has dropped to its lowest level in a decade.


5 Science-Backed Ways to Develop Employees During a Recession or Crisis

In his article for Quartz, Marshall Bergmann (SVP of Global Sales at the NeuroLeadership Institute) provides 5 science backed ways that can help drive employee and leadership engagement when resources are limited, through NLI's SCARF model.

Built In

The Future of DEI in Tech

Built In brought together a panel of workforce leaders, including NLI Head of Talent & Performance, Christy Pruitt-Haynes, to discuss positive DEI initiatives and their take on the 2023 State of DEI in Tech Report.


How “Trained Incapacity” Could Be Damaging Your Career

This article written for Quartz by NLI leader of New IP Development, Joy VerPlanck, examines the downfalls of trained incapacity for individual careers and organizations alike.


3 Ways Diversity Improves the Customer Experience

In this CMSWire article, Global Head of DEI at the NeuroLeadership Institute, Janet M. Stovall, shares three touchpoints in the customer experience where diversity and inclusion impact the customer experience.

HR Future

When Last Did You REALLY Take Off?

In this HR Future article, Co-Founder and CEO of the NeuroLeadership Institute explains the obstacles involved when taking time off work, and what organizations can do to improve company culture.

Fast Company

High Performers Need These 5 Things, According to Science

This Fast Company article provides neuroscience-backed tips to keep talent motivated, including guidance on safety from NeuroLeadership Institute's Global Head of Talent and Performance Practice, Christy-Pruitt Haynes.

Fast Company

Diversity Training Does Work. But Only When You Take These Steps

In this article written for Fast Company, NeuroLeadership Institute's Global Head of DEI, Janet M. Stovall, explains how diversity training can work to change behaviors if done correctly.

NBC News

Expert-Recommended Productivity Apps for Focus and To-Dos

Along with recommending new productivity apps, NBC News provides recommendations from CEO and Co-Founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute, Dr. David Rock, on solutions for improving focus.


Social Media Posts Gone Wrong Require Delicate Evaluation

In this article from SHRM, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent & Performance at the NeuroLeadership Institute) discusses how organizations should think about handling social media backlash to protect their public image, culture, and climate.

Harvard Business Review

Are Our Brains Wired to Quiet Quit?

In this article written for the Harvard Business Review, Dr. David Rock and Jay Dixit provide neuro-science based knowledge around the trending term, 'quiet quitting.'

Fast Company

4 leadership trends to watch in 2023

Dr. David Rock (CEO and Co-founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute) provides 4 leadership trends to look out for in 2023.


3 Reasons Why You Need A ‘To-Don’t’ List To Make Career Progress

This article from Forbes references Dr. David Rock's best selling book, Your Brain at Work, to explain how focusing less on energy-draining tasks can significantly progress your career.

Fast Company

No One’s Talking About What It Really Takes to Change a Toxic Workplace

NLI's Co-founder and CEO, Dr. David Rock and writer, Jay Dixit explore toxic workplace behaviors and how to effectively change habits for a better workplace well-being.


Three Top Leadership Tips To Build Connection And Community

Dr. David Rock (CEO & Co-founder of NeuroLeadership Institute), provides Forbes with a starting question that leaders can ask themselves when thinking about building connection and community within their organizations.


Evolving Corporate Location Strategies Unlock Staffing Advantages

This article from GlobeSt. explores how organizations can focus on location strategies to increase retention. Global Head of Talent & Performance at NeuroLeadership Institute, Christy Pruitt-Haynes, provides her thoughts on the importance of workplace flexibility.


How to Conduct Layoffs the Right Way

This article from SHRM includes insight from Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent & Performance at NeuroLeadership Institute) on how organizations can better manage layoffs and set employees up for future success.

Communication Intelligence

Roundtable: Workplace Communication Abuse

Communication Intelligence interviewed three experts on workplace communication abuse, including Head of Government Practice of NLI, Bridgette Di Ferdinando. In this article, Ferdinando discusses the consequences that employee mistreatment can have, not only on the individual, but on the entire organization.

Ignites Europe

How Women End Up Doing ‘Invisible’ Office Housework

In this article from Ignites Europe, Christy Pruitt-Hayes (Global Head of Talent & Performance at NeuroLeadership Institute) provides her thoughts on how teams can better task 'office chores,' which are historically accomplished by women.

Human Resources Director

Should You Pay Remote Employees Based on Where They Live?

In this HRD article, Christy Pruitt-Hayes (Global Head of Talent & Performance at NeuroLeadership Institute) provides her thoughts on compensation philosophy and how to maintain employee fairness within remote positions.

Work Better

Neuroscience of Community with David Rock (S1:E2)

In this Work Better podcast episode, Dr. David Rock (CEO and Co-founder of NLI) discusses the neuroscience of community.


Forced to Return to Office (RTO)? This Guide Can Help You Survive – And Thrive

In this article from Lensa, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent & Performance at NeuroLeadership Institute), explains the top concerns that employees face when returning to work in office.

The Wall Street Journal

Workers Want More Autonomy. Here’s How Companies Can Adapt.

Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent & Performance at NeuroLeadership Institute), explains how companies can increase performance by providing autonomy to employees.

Brave New Work

Brave New Work Podcast

Dr. David Rock (Co-founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute), features on episode 143 of Brave New Work to explain how employees can be more effective, build better habits, and have better interactions within teams and organizations using neuroscience.


Janet Stovall Talks DEI and Intentional Change

In this episode of The Human Factor, Janet M. Stovall (Global Head of DEI at NeuroLeadership Institute) discusses the importance of behavioral changes within organizations to mitigate bias.

Fast Company

Discomfort is Powerful According to Science. Here’s How to Use it Successfully

Fast Company republished Dr. Emma Sarro's article from the NeuroLeadership Institute Blog, which examines the benefit of a growth mindset during challenging times.


How To Ask For a Longer Parental Leave — And Get It

In this article from HerMoney, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance at NeuroLeadership Institute), explains how and why to discuss long-term goals when asking for parental leave.


Analyzing Us – Leadership, Change Management and DEI Strategies

In this discussion held by Workzinga, Janet M. Stovall (Global Head of DEI) discusses current DEI hiring strategies and how to overcome a communication gap between generations.

The Balance

How Is Compensation Determined?

In this article from The Balance, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance at NeuroLeadership Institute), provides insight on how companies determine compensation and what factors employees should keep in mind when negotiating.

Healthcare Business Today

Banning Contentious Conversations at Work Alienates Employees. Try This Instead.

In her article written for Healthcare Business Today, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) provides some best practices on how to create quality conversations in the workplace rather than avoiding conflict and controversy.


Let’s Talk Digital Employee Experience: Not Good Enough, Say Employees

Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute, Dr. David Rock, provides input to Forbes on how companies can successfully pivot to a virtual working environment which could enhance their employee experience.

U.S. News

The 10 Best Times to Switch Jobs

In this article from U.S. News, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) provides insight on some signs when changing jobs will work in your benefit.

HR Dive

Museum Association Will Require Employers to Disclose Salaries on its Job Board

In this article from HR Dive, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) discusses the benefits of employers disclosing job salaries during the recruiting process.

Corporate Compliance Insights

You’ve Brought a Diverse Team to the Table. Now What?

NeuroLeadership Institute leaders, Janet M. Stovall (Global Head of DEI) and Evynn McFalls (VP Marketing), explain that creating a diverse work environment goes beyond recognition in this article from Corporate Compliance Insights.

U.S. News

A Guide to Calling in Sick

In this U.S. News article, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) discusses best practices for calling in sick to work.


The Future of Work in the Tech Industry

In this VentureBeat article, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) envisions the future of work in the technology sector.


Explaining The Return to the Office Mess with Neuroscience

In this Forbes article, Dr. David Rock, co-founder of the Neuroleadership Institute, explains the motivation behind leaders' desire to get back into the office.


HRChat Interview With Janet M. Stovall: Measuring Employee Diversity

HRChat interviews with Janet M. Stoval, Global Head of DEI at NLI, about how employers can measure diversity, engagement, and branding.

Fast Company

The Great Vacation is Upon Us—and Offices are Struggling to Keep Up

After two years of the pandemic, employees are beginning to cash in their unused PTO all at once. Global Head of Talent and Performance, Christy Pruitt-Haines, provides insight on how leadership can navigate the Great Vacation in this article from Fast Company.

Human Resources Director

DEI Leader Urges HR to Plan for Attack on Right to Contraception, Same-Sex Marriage

In this article from Human Resources Director, Global Head of DEI, Janet M. Stovall, discusses the possible challenges companies will face when responding to the Roe decision.

Finance Monthly

A Tale of Two Wall Streets

In this Finance Monthly article, Dr. David Rock (NLI Co-Founder and CEO) provides insight on the impact financial institutions will face when deciding whether or not their employees should return to working in office.


Big Tech is Still Preparing for Post-Roe. It Should Already be Planning for the Next SCOTUS Ruling

As tech companies continue to navigate how to respond to the Roe vs. Wade ruling, experts urge leaders to be proactive about possible additional Supreme Court decisions. Among these experts interviewed by Protocol, is Janet M. Stovall, Global Head of DEI at NeuroLeadership Institute.

The Business Journals

Many Employees and Candidates Want to See Progress on DEI. This is the Biggest Hurdle to Change.

In this article by The Business Journals, Janet M. Stovall, Global Head of DEI at the NeuroLeadership Institute, provides her thoughts on how companies can evolve their DEI plans.


Remote Workers Still Need to Meet in Person, So These Employers are Taking Their Staff on Vacation

Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute, Dr. David Rock, answers 3 significant questions regarding employees returning to office in this article from Worklife.

Healthcare Business Today

The Great Resignation Amidst a Possible Recession

In this article from Healthcare Business Today, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance at NLI) guides employees on what to think about before joining the Great Resignation at this time.

CIO Magazine

The Do’s and Don’ts of Negotiating a Raise

In this CIO Magazine article, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) contributes to seven tips, tactics, and strategies on negotiating a raise.

Office Hours with David Meltzer

Office Hours with David Meltzer #352

During podcast episode #352 of Office Hours with David Meltzer, Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute, Dr. David Rock, discusses a few concepts of how the brain performs at work.


How To Successfully Run an Employee Engagement Survey

In this Hive article, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) provides insight on the importance of an employee engagement survey and how to conduct a successful one.


Myth Buster: Flexible Working’s Biggest Misconceptions

In this article from Worklife, Janet M. Stovall (Global Head of DEI at NeuroLeadership Institute) explains the myth behind a flexible work environment being just for parents.


30 Executives’ Perspectives On Remote, Hybrid, And In-Office Work

Dr. David Rock, CEO & Neuroscientist at NeuroLeadership Institute, is among 30 executives interviewed by Forbes and provides his perspective on companies having employees return to office.

The Fix with Michelle King

Why the Future of Gender is Non-Binary : Christy Pruitt-Haynes

During this podcast from The Fix with Michelle King, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) shares how to navigate and prepare for a non-binary future


How Employers are Tracking Employee Office Usage to Inform Design

NeuroLeadership Institute's Global Head of DEI, Janet M. Stovall, answers Worklife's questions on how the pandemic and recent events have impacted DEI in the workplace.

The Wallstreet Journal

Why Going to a Four-Day Workweek Might Not Matter

In this article from The Wallstreet Journal, Christy-Pruitt Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) discusses the possibility of some companies moving to a four-day work week and how that would impact employee performance.


The ‘5-Second Rule’ Apparently Stops Procrastination in its Tracks. Here’s How it Actually Works

In this article from Glamour, NeuroLeadership Institute scientist and researcher, Dr. Emma Sarro, explains how our brains make decisions with a 2-system model of thought processing, called the Fast and Slow system.

Fast Company

How Interview Questions are Changing in 2022

Fast Company interviewed NLI Global Head of Talent and Performance, Christy Pruitt-Haynes, for her thoughts on how employers will gage a potential employee's ability to communicate in today's new work environment.

HR Brew

As Workers Enter the Metaverse, How Much Privacy Will They Surrender at the Virtual Door?

In this article from HR Brew, Dr. David Rock (co-founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) discusses some pros and cons of employers utilizing a virtual workplace.

Human Resources Director

Why Employers Should Include Salary Range in Job Listings

In this article from Human Resources Director, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) explains why companies could increase retention and performance by openly communicating salary expectations to employees.

The New York Times, a Mortgage Lender and Early Pandemic Winner, Announces More Layoffs.

This article from the New York Times gives an overview of how managed the communication of more than 3,000 layoffs and Dr. David Rock (NLI Co-Founder and CEO) provides his thoughts on the event.


Workers are in a Heightened State of Alert. Here’s How Leaders Can Help Them Through It.

Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) answers questions from Protocol on the heightened anxiety many employees feel at work through a global crisis and how leadership can help.

New York Post

Employers Need to Reach Out to Workers Struggling with Mental Health Issues

This article from the New York Post explores how leaders can help their employees navigate mental health issues, and Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder and CEO of NLI) provides his insight.


Why Psychological Safety Leads to High-Performing Teams and Lower Turnover

In this article from Fortune, Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder and CEO of NLI) discusses psychological safety concerns within the workplace and how leaders can work towards improvement.


People: Employees’ Well-Being, Diversity, and Equity are Key Components of Sustainability

In this article from Insider, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) explains how to increase retention by prioritizing growth and develop for employees.


Should the SEC Require Companies to Disclose Ties to Russia? The Business Community Weighs In

In this article from Fortune, Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institutes) discusses how culture and leadership is reacting to the disruption of Russia's economy.


What Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy can teach corporate America about leading through crisis

As President Zelenskyy finds himself thrust into the spotlight of the global stage by a deadly and quickly escalating conflict, Dr. David Rock reflects on what leaders can learn from the "unexpected hero's" example in Fortune Magazine.


How the Pandemic has Made ‘Permission for Candor’ in the Workplace a Minefield

Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) explains to Fortune how proper training can alleviate perceived threats in the workplace during a time of conflict.


Can Immersive Sound Save the Office?

As Surface exams the idea of immersive sound in the workplace, Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) explains how to navigate the topic in a non-threatening way to employees.


The Parental Shame That Haunts Working Parents

The Neuroleadership Institute's Christy Pruitt-Haynes steps forward in this Worklife article to explain how organizations and parents can work together to build more equitable, parent-friendly businesses. Read more here.

Inc. Magazine

What Will the Office of the Future Sound Like? Cue the Wind Instruments

Dr. David Rock is quoted in Inc Magazine's list of inspirational and thought-provoking quotes to take into the new year. Read on for 365 days of insight.


Stiff Resolve: How One Leadership Team Swapped Selling Erectile-Dysfunction Meds to Covid-Testing Kits in $200m Business Pivot

Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) answers WorkLife's questions about how work culture and leadership has shifted from the pandemic, including the possibilities that stem from this change.

Data Driven HR Monthly

NLI’s David Rock, Microsoft Featured in Data Driven HR Monthly

Dr. David Rock is featured alongside Kathleen Hogan and Joe Whittinghill in Data Driven HR Monthly's 2021 roundup of the best "HR and People Analytics articles of 2021" for their work on Microsoft's latest public research on hybrid work.

Digital Journal

NLI’s Janet Stovall Named Ambassador for Goodera’s 10K for Racial Equality Campaign

Janet Stovall (Senior Client Strategist) joins Goodera's 10K for Racial Equality campaign, which "encourages companies to take more proactive steps towards fighting racial discrimination within the workplace and society. At its heart, the campaign aims to empower 10,000 employees to volunteer for racial equality in 2022."

Thomas Insights

3 Books to Help You Break Out of the Mold in Your Career

"Conventional wisdom will only get you conventional results. To stand out, you need to break the so-called rules and think outside the box."  In this article, Thomas Insights cites Dr. David Rock's Your Brain at Work as one of three books you should read to break the mold and stand out in your career. Read on to learn more.

Fast Company

This is the Right Way to Post About Your Job Change on Social Media

Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) provides tips and reasoning to Fast Company on how employees can best share their new job positions on social media.


The Serious Risk of Losing Talent in an Organization ft. Christy Pruitt-Haynes

Christy Pruitt-Haynes converses with peopleHum on the risk of losing talent, especially during the Great Resignation.

Inc. Magazine

365 Inspirational Quotes for 2022

Dr. David Rock is quoted in Inc Magazine's list of inspirational and thought-provoking quotes to take into the new year. Read on for 365 days of insight.


We’re More Distracted Than Ever. Here’s How to Improve Your Focus

The widespread move to a platform-first, push-notification heavy culture has made it harder than ever to focus. In this Shondaland article, Dr. David Rock offers strategies and tips on keeping a clear, sharp, well-managed mind.

WTAX Radio News

HR expert on the toll that pandemic is having on employees

Joey McLaughlin talks with HR expert and consultant at NeuroLeadership institute, Christy Pruitt-Haynes about the mental toll working form home is having on office life. Click here to listen to the interview.


5 Ways Leaders Can Retain Working Moms and Set Them Up for Success

In her article written for Insider, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance), provides 5 ways organizations can retain working mothers and allow them to do their best work for the company.

Advisory Board

3 Ways to Make Yourself ‘Do Hard Things,’ According to Harvard Business Review

In this article from Advisory Board, CEO and Co-Founder of NeuroLeadership Institute, Dr. David Rock, explains why our brains avoid effort. Rock also provides three ways to cope with this stress and overcome the challenge.

Authority Magazine

Beating Burnout: Christy Pruitt-Haynes Of NeuroLeadership Institute On The 5 Things You Should Do If You Are Experiencing Work Burnout

In her interview with Authority Magazine, Christy Pruitt-Haynes (Global Head of Talent and Performance) provides insight on how to beat burnout based and the importance of mental health.


How to balance FOTO and FOMO in hybrid work

While "the return to office" remains a murky and puzzling concept for many businesses, the need to manage employee expectations is apparent. Christy Pruitt-Haynes offers a perspective on how to do so at Pumble.

Fast Company

Stop telling managers to be empathetic. Try this instead.

David Rock, cofounder of the NeuroLeadership Institute, says when a leader is successful in recognizing a person in distress, taking perspective, and responding with meaningful […]

How to Be Awesome at Your Job

Navigating the Great Resignation with Dr. David Rock

Dr. David Rock shares strategies to help both employees and employers come out of the Great Resignation feeling more satisfied.


The Great Resignation: How Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’ could be the key to stopping employees from quitting

Dr. David Rock is quoted in Fortune Magazine's report on how leaders can look to Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs to retain employees.


‘It feels so invasive’: Employers turn to tracking software to monitor remote workers, raising ethical questions

Many employers have turned to employee tracking software—surveilling the everyday activity. Christy Pruitt-Haynes provides guidance on what to do instead.

Fast Company

How to change someone’s perception of you

Whether it’s a past mistake, a misunderstanding, or simply getting off on the wrong foot, not everyone will have a high opinion of you. Unfortunately, that negative perception can impact your ability to work together, lead, or get ahead. In this article cognitive scientists including NLI's own Dr. Michaela Simpson come together to provide readers with tips on how to assess—and improve—relationships that start off badly.

CNN Business

Workers are demanding action from their employers. Here’s how to address their concerns

Employees are increasingly demand that their employees take action to address cultural problems and inequity. In this CNN business article, Dr. David Rock provides a perspective on what to do about it.


How To Navigate Politically Charged Work Conversations Through Brain Science

Dr. David Rock, CEO and Co-Founder of NeuroLeadership Institute, provides Hive with neuroscience-backed methods to help successfully approach difficult conversations at work.


Treating Remote Employees Fairly in a Hybrid Workplace

In this article from Toptal, Dr. David Rock (CEO and Co-Founder of NeuroLeadership Institute) explains distance bias and some of the challenges organizations will face when implementing remote and hybrid work.

Harvard Business Review

NLI in HBR: Why Mandates Make Us Feel Threatened

As companies figure out how to implement vaccination mandates, brain science can help leaders develop strategies for managing employee reactions. Mandates feel like a violation of […]

The Ladders

How to Be a Better Leader by Using Brain Science

Leaders who aim to improve themselves and their teams traditionally embrace management methods and HR principles. But they’re often missing a critical tool: a deeper […]


Work Less, Feel Better? The 4-Day Workweek Tackles Mental Health Challenges

In this article from EBN, NLI's Senior Director of Neuroscience Research, Dr. Kamila Sip, explains the benefits that a 4-day workweek can offer toward mental health and productivity.

Fast Company

How to Effectively Deal with Jealousy at Work

In this Fast Company article, Dr. David Rock (CEO and Co-Founder of NeuroLeadership Institute) provides some insight on how to handle feelings of jealousy brought on by a work situation.

Bloomberg Quicktake

Video: The Uncomfortable Conversations We Need to Have at Work

Research has shown that diverse companies are more innovative and perform better. But strategies typically used to create inclusive work environments haven’t always been effective […]

Bloomberg Quicktake

Video: Would You Let Your Colleagues Decide Your Salary?

After a year working from home, employees emboldened with a sense of independence are demanding fairness and autonomy in the workplace, and companies are taking […]

American Police Beat

Why Fries Need Salt: How Brain Science and Inclusion Will Help Us Meet the Moment

When we think of diversity as just numbers and percentages — binary do’s and don’ts — we might satisfy a grumble, but we miss out […]

Le Monde

Les Entreprises Américaines Confrontées à la Difficulté de Retrouver le Collectif en Présentiel

In this article from Le Monde, Dr. David Rock (CEO and Co-Founder of NeuroLeadership Institute) comments on how employees have been traumatized from the pandemic.

Human Resource Executive

How General Mills is Relying on Neuroscience to Tackle Worker Stress

In This Human Resource Executive article, Dr. David Rock (CEO and Co-Founder of Neuroleadership Institute) shares some of the reward and autonomy solutions given to General Mills for their high-stressed workers.

People Equation

Leadership in the Hybrid Workplace

Dr. David Rock (CEO and Co-Founder of NeuroLeadership Institute) provides insight to People Equation on the cognitive biases that prevent some leaders from seeing the opportunity aligned with hybrid working.

American Medical Association

Q&A: “Chief People Officer” Strives to Keep Patients, Colleagues Well

Northwest Permanente Chief People Officer T. Ruth Chang, MD, MPH. discusses her plans for implementing a new organizational curriculum which was developed by NeuroLeadership Institute.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Returning to the Office Stirs Anxiety Among Workers

In this article from The Philadelphia Inquirer, Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) discusses how leaders can best handle employee stress when returning to the office.

Fast Company

6 Ways to Reduce Anxiety About Going Back to the Office

In this article from Fast Company, Dr. David Rock (CEO and Co-Founder of NeuroLeadership Institute) provide guidance on how to manage stress related to going back to the office post-pandemic.

Axios Future

1 Big Thing: The End of Quarantine

In this article from Axios Future, Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) provides insight on the productivity of a 4-day work week.


How To Not Mess Up Return-To-The-Office

Despite the anxiety of the pandemic and drastic changes at work, many studies show that the majority of both employers and employees reported positive effects […]

PR Newswire

The NeuroLeadership Institute Announces Launch of ALLY, The First Globally Scalable Solution for Activating Equity in Organizations

The NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI), a cognitive science-based research consultancy dedicated to making organizations more human since 1998, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking solution, […]

Yahoo! Finance

The NeuroLeadership Institute Announces Launch of ALLY, The First Globally Scalable Solution for Activating Equity in Organizations

The NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI), a cognitive science-based research consultancy dedicated to making organizations more human since 1998, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking solution, […]


Dr. David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute: “Look After Each Other”

In Thrive's series about the “Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times”, Dr. David Rock (Co-founder & CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) provides five most important things a business leader should do to lead effectively during uncertain and turbulent times.


How About Employee DISengagement?

A few times every year, a major company is in the crosshairs of a larger work culture and burnout debate. It’s been Goldman Sachs many […]

Adam Mendler Leadeship Blog

Do Hard Things: Interview With NeuroLeadership Institute Co-Founder and CEO Dr. David Rock

Adam Mendler interviewed CEO and Co-Founder of NeuroLeadership Institute, Dr. David Rock, to gain a better understanding of the science behind leadership.


What Leadership Needs To Look Like In 2035

Leadership needs a grand commitment. General Motors (GM), a Fast Company Most Innovative Company, recently announced it will sell only zero-emission vehicles by 2035. The […]

Authority Magazine

Dr David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute: Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times

Dr. David Rock (Co-founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) interviews with Authority Magazine about his personal experiences and how leaders can navigate through challenging times.


COVID’s First Birthday: A View From the Brain

“One year of COVID” are the hot takes of the moment, from “Sorrow and stamina, defiance and despair” to numerical breakdowns to seemingly never-ending partisan […]

Business Insider

Managers Experience Burnout Too – And it Can Seriously Hurt Your Team. Here’s How to Make Work as Energizing as Possible

In this article from Business Insider, Dr. David Rock (Co-founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) provides insight on how leaders can manage their stress levels using neuroscience.

CTDO Magazine

An Agile State of Mind

Ann Schulte, Procter & Gamble's Global Leader of Learning and Leadership Development, discusses how she turned to NeuroLeadership Institute (founded by Dr. David Rock) to develop a program that developed team morale.


Missing Your People: Why Belonging Is So Important And How To Create It

The pandemic has played havoc with our mental health, and a significant factor in our malaise is that we’re missing our people—terribly. We long for […]


Unplugging from work is extra hard…and needed this year

The extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic have given new weight to the end-of-year break, as the line between work and home has blurred more than […]


What Leaders Can Expect In 2021 And How To Best Prepare

What can you count on coming your way in 2021? More ambiguity, uncertainty and change! Hooray! As a leader, your challenge is to increase your […]

HR Executive

What a termination at Google means for HR tech

When tech giant Google fired a prominent AI researcher last week, it was not a great PR moment for the company. Will it also bring […]


Get ready for 2021 with leadership principles

Leadership will be critical in the year to come, as you navigate uncertainty, fierce competition and resource constraints. One way to get your organization ready […]

The State Journal

Are your distractions keeping you off track?

Here we are — eight months into our COVID-19 pandemic. So many changes have taken place in our outer world. Yet, it’s our inner worlds […]

Wall Street Journal

Why Companies Should Stop Scaring Employees About Cybersecurity

If they want workers to be more vigilant, fear doesn’t work. Fortunately, there are alternatives.


Brain-based leadership in a time of heightened uncertainty

Heightened uncertainty can have a devastating impact on the performance and mental health of employees, triggering a threat response in the brain that interferes with […]

HR Executive

Worried your employees have had too much change? Think again

Experts say that times of great change should be seen as opportunities to help organizations form new habits.

Rotman Magazine

How Diversity Defeats Groupthink

Human beings enjoy cohesion so much that we are often afraid to say anything to disturb it. Diversity can help.

Fast Company

Feedback leads to more feedback. Here’s why that’s a good thing for leaders

A funny thing about providing feedback—once you start providing your thoughts to others, you will begin receiving their thoughts on you. It’s a natural human […]

Tech Target

Tensions Over Politics at Work Have HR on Guard

In this article from Tech Target, NeuroLeadership Institute experts provides insight on how to focus on shared goals to diffuse tensions at work.


The CEO of United Airlines Just Shared the Perfect Leadership Message for 2020, and It’s Only 8 Words

While examining the leadership style of Scott Kirby (CEO of United Airlines) during a challenging time for airlines, Inc. interviews Dr. David Rock (Co-founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) for his thoughts in leadership development.


A New Wellness Trend Lets Vacationers do the Unthinkable — Keep Working

In this article from CNBC, Dr. David Rock (Co-founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) provides some ways to reduce work burnout, especially for executives who are under more pressure than usual.

MILO Range

3 Ways to Improve Police De-Escalation Training – A Science-Guided Approach

This article from MILO Range provides thought on how to de-escalate police training using neuroscience as delivered by NeuroLeadership Institute.

Chief Executive

Practicing High-EQ Leadership

In this article from Chief Executive, Dr. David Rock (Co-founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) discusses how to use the SCARF module to activate EQ (emotional intelligence) in leadership.


3 Reasons Why ‘Anti-Bias’ May Solve More Than ‘Anti-Racism’

Right now many leaders are asking how they can turn their companies anti-racist—that is, supporting an anti-racist policy through their actions, or expressing an anti-racist […]


To Build Better Systems, Be Like Odysseus

Building anti-racism and bias mitigation into the systems and processes of an organization might be one of the more effective and sustainable ways to dismantle […]


How Corporate Diversity Initiatives Trap Workers of Colour

This article from the BBC explores the implementation of DE&I programs within organizations, and Dr. David Rock (Co-founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) discusses how to do so successfully.


When—and How—to Negotiate Benefits with Workers and Job Seekers

In this article from SHRM, NeuroLeadership Institute Practice Lead, Barbara Steele, explains that employers should examine their benefit programs to determine whether or not it meets the expectations of employees and job candidates.


How To Manage The Work When You Can’t See People Working: 5 New Takes On Accountability

In this article from Forbes, Mika Liss (COO of NeuroLeadership Institute) discusses how accountability acts as a social motivator and generates stronger results.


Tips for Starting a New Job During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Among the tips for starting a new job provided in this article from TechRepublic, are some thoughts from a brain science perspective from NeuroLeadership Institute COO, Mika Liss.

Chief Learning Officer

Deploy brain-friendly leadership models in your organization

An organization’s leadership model will serve as an effective guide for decision-making and team engagement when it is “sticky,” has meaning, and people can easily […]

HR Digest

3 Ways to Redefine Your Organization for a New Era

With the world on lockdown, organizations everywhere have had to rethink how they operate. But in the midst of the crisis, some have discovered something […]


How To Make Virtual Learning Better, Not Worse, Than In-Person

When governments issued lockdown orders earlier this year, organizations everywhere scrambled to move their learning programs online. Since then, a team at the NeuroLeadership Institute has conducted […]

HR Dive

How Employers Can Train Front-Line Workers to Implement Mask Rules

In this article from HR Dive, Dr. David Rock (Co-founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) discusses the brain-based model of SCARF, along with some other strategies to de-escalate conflict.


In Conversation With Neuroscientist Dr. Kamila Sip: How Understanding The Brain Helps Leaders Build Habits At Scale

The only constant in life is change, as they say. But you can’t expect your behaviors to change just because you really want them to. […]

Vogue Business

How to Combat Racism in Stores

This article from Vogue Business focuses on how luxury retailers are working to become more inclusive, including Tiffany & Co., who partnered with NeuroLeadership Institute to develop bias mitigation strategies.

LA Times

Coronavirus may be creating better bosses, who talk less and listen more

Back in the pre-COVID-19 days, Mitchell Spearman didn’t talk to his staff much about their feelings. As senior director of principal gifts for the University […]

Business Insider by Pulse

On Tuesday, Sephora closed stores for 2 hours to educate employees about racial bias — here’s how the cosmetics giant is proving its fight against discrimination is more than just lip service

Sephora is making concerted efforts to halt discrimination at its stores and within its corporate offices as the retail industry continues to experience a reckoning […]

Boston Globe

How companies are using science to find the right hire

Any business leader will tell you the right team is essential for fostering innovation and success. But is talent development an art or a science? […]

USA Today

Despite warnings, the US wasn’t prepared with masks for coronavirus. Now it’s too late

Treating coronavirus patients in one of the busiest emergency rooms in Manhattan, Dr. Jason Hill wore the same disposable respirator mask for up to four […]


Follow the Science of Culture Change to Transform D&I

We’ve written before on the importance of creating priorities, habits, and systems (PHS) when it comes to large-scale culture change. But with so many organizations […]


Why Companies Should Do Better In Their BLM Response

About 3 weeks ago, the emails started. Companies sent out emails to thousands of subscribers asking for forgiveness and pledging support for Black communities.  The emails […]


The Marvel Model: How to Tell a Story With Your I&D Initiatives

You wouldn’t expect to find Buzz Lightyear at Monsters University. It just wouldn’t happen. The miniature space explorer and the institution of higher learning for […]

HR Daily Advisor

Roughly 80% of Workers Don’t Want to Come Back, Citing Virus Fears

While employees are returning to workplaces across the country, sadly, a majority of them are still worried they may end up losing their jobs because […]


Sony Launches Racial Equity & Inclusion Initiative Sony Pictures Action

Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra shared with employees today details about the studio’s racial equity and inclusion initiative program, Sony Pictures Action. […]


Think Like a Futurist: How to Chart Your Organization’s Course Amid Crisis

In recent months, over the course of the COVID-19 crisis, I’ve been talking with hundreds of leaders about how they see the road ahead, and […]

Business Insider

4 things your black employees and coworkers wish you knew —and how you should offer allyship and support

I have the fortune of knowing and working with incredible people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. And as a black leader who has held senior-level […]


Want to Be a Truly Exceptional Leader? Neuroscience Says Do These 5 Simple Things Right Now

About one-third of Americans have exhibited signs of anxiety or depression in the wake of Covid-19, according to the Census Bureau, and your employees are […]


HP Looks After Its People to Lead Through Crisis

As Chief Human Resources Officer, it’s Tracy Keogh’s job to take care of people at HP, a firm known and lauded for its culture of […]


Will the workweek shrink in a post-pandemic world?

The idea of a four-day workweek received a boost from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last week, when she encouraged companies to try it […]


The Framework All Leaders Need to Build a Better Normal

As the world limps toward recovery, many news headlines seem to suggest we should accept this reality as our “new normal,” as if the story is all bad and […]


How One Company Is Responding Quickly to Crisis by Understanding the Brain

It feels like we’ve weathered an enormous storm in recent weeks. Seemingly without warning, forces beyond our control displaced us from our offices and cut […]


What Airbnb Got Right About Announcing Layoffs

If you haven’t already seen the letter from CEO Brian Chesky to his team at Airbnb, addressing the impending layoffs, you likely will very soon. It’s already […]


3 Things You Can Do Today to Beat Work Stress, According to Neuroscience

Dr. David Rock (Co-founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) provides CNBC Magazine with 3 simple ways to combat stress during a challenging time.


5 Neuroscience-Backed Methods To Manage Stress At Work

With a large number of employees working remotely due to the coronavirus outbreak, many are having trouble adjusting to the new reality, especially when there […]


3 Cognitive Pitfalls Leaders Should Avoid During a Crisis

If the saying goes that first we make our habits, and then our habits make us, in times of crisis we had better make sure […]


The dos and don’ts of talking to employees virtually about furloughs and layoffs

California-based electric scooter rental company Bird recently laid off 30% of its workforce at once over a live Zoom conference call, due to the financial […]


WeChats From The Future

On this week's episode of Rough Translation, Dr. David Rock (Co-founder and CEO of NeuroLeadership Institute) explains distance bias and provides some solutions to keep people connected.


The Science Of Virtual Work—and How It Can Make Life Easier For Everyone

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5 Ways Science Shows Us How to Work Better Virtually

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A Bias Goes Viral

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The NLI Interview: Kamila Sip On Speaking Up

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The NLI Interview: Randall Tucker On The Almighty Power Of Inclusion

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CTDO Magazine

An Agile State of Mind

Ann Schulte is encouraging mindset and learning agility at Procter & Gamble to tackle challenges and disruption.


Should I Be Focusing on D&I or… I&D?

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Q&A with Deb Bubb

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The AGES Model can help learning stick

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How Powerful People Slip

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3 Ways Leaders Can Elevate Quiet Voices

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How to Stop Talking About Diversity in Terms of Quotas

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The NLI Interview: Soledad O’Brien

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Thrive Global

This is What Leaders Often Get Wrong About Growth Mind-Set

Whenever we learn something new, our instincts may lead us to internalize dangerous myths and mistakes. Continue reading on Thrive Global


Don’t Change Beliefs, Change Behaviors

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How to Teach Everyone Quickly, No Matter Where They Work

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The Fastest Way to Change a Culture

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Create a Workplace Where Everyone Feels Comfortable Speaking Up

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How to Have Conversations That Make People Stay

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4 Reasons Why Identity Diversity Matters

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How to Speak Up When It Matters

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How to be the kind of boss that people speak up to

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Fast Company

This is what leaders often get wrong about growth mind-set

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Why it’s so hard to think effectively about the future

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Harvard Business Review

How to Gracefully Exclude Coworkers from Meetings, Emails, and Projects

You and about 20 of your coworkers are sitting around a crowded conference room table, discussing the details of some project. Some people are fighting for attention, trying to get a word in. Others won’t stop talking. Others have tuned the meeting out, retreating to their laptops or phones.


It’s Possible (and Dangerous) to Be Over-Inclusive

By Khalil Smith, Heidi Grant & Kamila Sip Organizations have rightly started making diversity and inclusion top priorities. And accordingly, managers have become more sensitive […]

strategy + business

Using Neuroscience to Make Feedback Work and Feel Better

Research shows that using feedback is how organisms — and organizations — stay alive. Here’s how leaders can make the most of the anxiety-producing process.

Harvard Business Review

5 Mistakes Companies Make About Growth Mindsets

Like any psychological concept that booms in popularity, growth mindset — the dual belief that skills and abilities can be improved, and that developing your skills and abilities is the purpose of the work you do — is ripe for misinterpretation.

Harvard Business Review

3 Biases That Hijack Performance Reviews, and How to Address Them

When we talk about bias, we often tie it to acts of discrimination or prejudice. But according to cognitive science, everybody, by virtue of having a brain that’s constantly seeking efficiency, is biased in some way — and not all biases make us actively malicious.


Why Our Brains Fall for False Expertise, and How to Stop It

Once we are aware of the shortcuts our minds take when deciding who to listen to, we can take steps to block those shortcuts. At the beginning of every meeting, a question hangs in the air: Who will be heard? The answer has huge implications not only for decision making, but for the levels of diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.

strategy + business

Approaching Diversity with the Brain in Mind

The concept of unconscious bias, percolating for years now, is becoming better established, thanks in large part to a wave of scientific research. Every week, it seems, a study or book comes out that offers new and important insights about the subtle ways human beings discriminate against one another, robbing certain groups of important opportunities and depriving institutions of the skills that members of these groups possess.


The Yanny vs Laurel Debate is a Perfect Example of How Bias Works

Do you hear Yanny or Laurel? Believe it or not, the same science that fuels this debate—it’s definitely “Yanny,” by the way—can also help explain why it’s difficult to overcome bias in the office.

Fast Company

No Pain, No Brain Gain: Why Learning Demands (A Little) Discomfort

Remember being in middle school and preparing for an exam? Chances are you spent your study time paging through your class notes or rereading the textbook. Maybe you highlighted important details as you went.

Fast Company

Diversity Makes Inclusion Harder, But Here’s What To Do About It

Good-faith attempts to champion diversity often backfire for a pretty intuitive reason: The more an organization points out the differences among employees–even in order to celebrate them–the more likely it is that some employees will feel less included, and behave accordingly. 


Putting All of Your Star Players on One Team Can Stifle Creativity

At Apple, Steve Jobs led much of the industrial design charge, while the softer-spoken Steve Wozniak bulletproofed the engineering. In the world of theater, famed lyricist Oscar Hammerstein dreamt up beloved classics such as “The Sound of Music” and “The King and I,” but it was Richard Rodgers who found the music in his partner’s words.

Harvard Business Review

The Right Way to Ask for Help at Work

Few of us enjoy asking for help. As research in neuroscience and psychology shows, the social threats involved—the uncertainty, risk of rejection, potential for diminished status, and inherent relinquishing of autonomy—activate the same brain regions that physical pain does.

Business Insider

5 Ways to Use Psychology to Make Your Colleagues Like You More

If you work in an office, you probably spend more time with your colleagues than you do with even your closest friends — and the quality of those relationships can mean the difference between a joyful workday and a minefield of stress and conflict.


Why Organizations Fail


Harvard Business Review

Tell Employees What You Want Them to Strive for (in as Few Words as Possible)

By Dr. David Rock (Director, The NeuroLeadership Institute)

Fast Company

How To Teach Your Brain Something It Won’t Forget A Week Later


Harvard Business Review

Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter


Harvard Business Review

Diverse Teams Feel Less Comfortable — and That’s Why They Perform Better



Is Your Company’s Diversity Training Making You More Biased?


Wall Street Journal

Seven Steps to Reduce Bias in Hiring



10 Most Innovative Conferences of 2016



4 Secrets to Learning Anything, According to Neuroscience

By LAURA GARNETT & JOSH DAVIS The future of work is all about innovation and agility. We have to be prepared for ever-changing circumstances, and […]

Psychology Today

Why We Select Toxic Leaders


Psychology Today

A Bias Against Bias


Harvard Business Review

4 Steps to Having More Aha Moments



How Neuroscience Will Make You a Better Leader



Five Predictions About Talent Management for 2016



Kill Your Performance Ratings


What Really Happens When Companies Kill Performance Reviews


Wall Street Journal

How Performance Reviews Can Harm Mental Health


One Simple Idea That Can Transform Performance Management


CNN Money

Goodbye Annual Review, See Ya Performance Ratings


Harvard Business Review

Why More Companies Are Ditching Performance Ratings



Beyond Bias


NY Times

Before Starting as a Coach, It Helps to Go into Training



Don’t Remove Performance Ratings (Unless You Are Willing To Do Three Things Well)

The shift away from formal numerical performance ratings is at an interesting tipping point. According to a recent CEB study, approximately 6% of the Fortune 1000 have removed ratings, 15% of companies are in the process of deciding whether to do so, and 28% of companies would consider it.

Huffington Post

Lack of Care About Sleep Derails Us All


Financial Review

Performance Management, Forced Ranking Should Be Ditched


Psychology Today

The Brain at Work and at Home


The Economic Times

Guru Speak: An Insight into Your Mind


Huffington Post

5 Big Discoveries About Leadership in 2012


Huffington Post

Bridge the Fiscal Cliff Through Brain Science


Harvard Business Review

Being the Boss Isn’t so Stressful After All


Psychology Today

Back from a Vacation? Don’t Waste Your Clear Mind



The Dangers of Pasteurized Learning


Psychology Today

Why Everyone Hates the Boss


ATD Keeping an Eye on the Time


Harvard Business Review

Leadership on the Brain


Live Mint

The Concentration Crisis

Looking for strategies to overcome distraction and work smarter all day long? Then David Rock’s book Your Brain at Work will help you understand why your brain feels taxed and what you should do to take full advantage of your mental resources. In the following excerpt, three common problems we all face in a work setting are outlined, with the solutions the book has to offer.