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How Quiet Voices Help Defeat Groupthink

Groupthink bubbles up when dissenting voices keep quiet. Leaders can improve group decision-making when they work to raise those quiet voices.

Groupthink: Origins of a Word

In 1971, a Yale psychologist borrowed a chilling concept from the novel “1984” to label a new phenomenon of human behavior.

Transformation Isn’t What You Think It Is

Conventional wisdom says leaders must prepare for specific change events. The reality is change is constant, so adaptability is key.

Here’s What Growth Mindset Can Really Do for Organizations

NLI’s research has identified three key business reasons for organizations to start seriously trying to adopt a growth mindset.

3 Ways to Know If You’re Being Doomed by Groupthink

Groupthink isn’t invisible. If leaders know how to spot groupthink in their team meetings, they can take concrete steps to make sure it doesn’t crop up.

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