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CASE STUDY: HP Embraces Growth Mindset and Kickstarts Culture Change

With a continued focus on growth and key leadership principles, HP has managed to dominate its market and see huge gains in engagement.

How JFK Inspired the Term ‘Groupthink’

The Bay of Pigs Invasion, a political move widely viewed as a textbook case of failed decision-making, has helped psychologists study major organizations.

Every Meeting Starts With an Unstated Goal — and It Leads to Bad Decisions

What causes groupthink? One major factor is the tendency people have in meetings to rush toward consensus, just so the meeting can end earlier.

How Microsoft Changed Its Culture by Going Simple

Exhaustive lists of leadership principles burden the brain, making them hard to remember and nearly impossible to weave into the larger culture.

Why Do Smart, Well-Meaning Teams Make Bad Decisions? Groupthink

Groupthink is what happens when team members stop thinking independently, don’t speak up, and race toward consensus. But leaders can still avoid it.

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