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Your Brain at Work2019-08-15T14:39:31-05:00

Build Your Leadership Model Like It’s Your Home

Building a leadership model is a bit like building a house. Both require coherence, the structural integrity that holds elements together.

NLI Names ‘Regenerative Leadership’ a Top Trend for 2020

A major theme at the 2019 NeuroLeadership Summit, regenerative leadership is a set of practices that uplift employees, rather than deplete or sustain them.

3 Big Ideas to Raise Quiet Voices at Work

Speaking up is essential to share ideas, question decisions, and challenge behaviors. Here are a few big ideas that can help any leader raise quiet voices.

Want to Innovate Faster? Help People Speak Up

Speaking up does more than just elevate new voices. It creates a richer, more creative network of ideas within an organization.

Which Should Come First, Diversity or Inclusion?

Individual contributors all the way up to CEOs are curious where to start when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Here’s the brain-based answer.

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