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Here’s Why Bias and Inclusion Are Fundamentally Different

Bias and inclusion may appear together in D&I conversations, but from a scientific standpoint, they are undeniably different.

Having More Eureka Moments Is About What You Don’t Do

Insights, those eureka moments where you suddenly see the world totally different, don’t happen when most people may expect them.

Algorithmic Bias Is Groupthink Gone Digital

As corporations and governments grow ever more reliant on artificial intelligence to help them make decisions, algorithms have more and more power to influence our […]

4 Reasons Why Identity Diversity Matters

A great deal of research makes it clear that identity diversity matters just as much as cognitive diversity in creating effective teams.

Groupthink: Origins of a Word

In 1971, a Yale psychologist borrowed a chilling concept from the novel “1984” to label a new phenomenon of human behavior.

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