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NLI’s blog for all things neuroleadership.

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The 3 Core Habits of Every Business Transformation

Transformation is on just about every leader's mind, but not every organization is equipped to handle major change. Science can help.

How to Help Introverts Feel Empowered to Speak Up in Meetings

Here’s how leaders create an environment in which both extroverts and introverts feel comfortable sharing their ideas in meetings.

3 Ways Leaders Can Elevate Quiet Voices

Every meeting contains some mixture of extroverts and introverts — people who speak up and those who keep quiet. Here’s how to raise quiet voices.

The 5 Biggest Biases That Affect Decision-Making

If you have a brain, you’re biased. The SEEDS Model® organizes five kinds of unconscious bias that affect decision-making the most.

The 3 Traits All Quality Conversations Have in Common

Scientific research suggests there are three key habits around quality conversations that leaders can build to improve employee engagement and retention.

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