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Your Brain at Work2019-08-15T14:39:31-04:00

Want to Prioritize Better? Mitigating This Cognitive Bias Can Help

A distance bias occurs when we prioritize what's closer in space or time than what's farther away. Here's how to mitigate the bias to prioritize better.

A Bias Goes Viral

Although the flu has caused tens of thousands more deaths every year than the coronavirus, our brain’s safety bias over-weights what’s new and scary.

3 Big Ideas to Create a More Inclusive Culture

Unlocking the power of a diverse organization requires creating a sense of inclusion. These three action-oriented ideas can help offer a roadmap.

How Range Can Help Defeat Groupthink

Range is critical for not only individuals, but teams too. Learn how cultivating collective range can help your team defeat groupthink.

What CEOs Can Learn From Head Coaches About Collaboration

The culmination of the NFL season gives us a good opportunity to think about what great coaches can teach us about great leadership.

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