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Inclusion Isn’t Just About ‘Having a Seat at the Table’

Leaders may understand why inclusion matters, but still fail to put it into practice for their organization. A new NLI white paper offers some strategies.

Patagonia and the Regenerative Approach to Performance Management

Dean Carter, CHRO at Patagonia, discusses how taking a “regenerative” approach to performance management truly gets the best out of people.

Welcome to NLI’s New Podcast!

The Your Brain at Work podcast is NLI’s answer to the question, “How can an annual, insight-rich event offer leaders the same benefits year-round?”

Why It’s so Hard to Speak up at Work — and What to Do About It

Whether it’s sharing an idea or challenging someone else’s behavior, speaking up at work is fraught with feelings of threat.

How to Receive Feedback with a Growth Mindset

Getting feedback doesn’t have to feel like an attack on your performance. With a growth mindset, feedback can become the useful tool it’s meant to be.

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