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Culture Change Isn’t a Mystery If Leaders Follow the Science

"Culture Change: The Master Class" is NLI's latest blog series featuring exciting research that can help leaders tilt their organization's culture as desired.

There’s a Scientific Reason Thinking About the Future Is So Hard

Our brains crave certainty and loathe uncertainty, both of which make thinking about even the near future extremely difficult.

The First Step Toward Culture Change Is a Shift in Mindset

A shift in mindset — from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset — is the first step leaders need to take in their organization to help kickstart culture change.

The Science of Learning Explains the Missteps of Growth Mindset

Research shows some leaders take growth mindset and run in all sorts of directions with it. To understand why, we can look to the science of learning.

CASE STUDY: Splunk, a Global Tech Company, Learns to ‘Break Bias’

At NLI, we like to say “If you have a brain, you’re biased.” Ever since November 2017, the technology company Splunk has taken that insight to heart.

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