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Coronavirus FAQ: What Science Says Leaders Should Do

Face to face with a crisis, it’s seldom clear where to focus our attention. NLI has assembled frequently asked questions about what leaders should do.

Here’s What Growth Mindset Can Really Do for Organizations

NLI’s research has identified three key business reasons for organizations to start seriously trying to adopt a growth mindset.

Here’s Why Inclusion Unlocks the Power Of Diversity

Leaders won't get the most out of their diverse employees if people who are different feel like threatened outsiders.

The Brain-Based Case for 4-Day Workweeks

With employees working longer hours than usual, leaders may wonder if they should move to a four-day workweek. Here’s what brain science says.

Use Growth Mindset to Craft the Job You’ve Always Wanted

In moments of disruption, there’s an opportunity to shift our mindset to find deeper meaning in our work. Brain science can show us how.

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