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Be More Collaborative, Creative, and Connected as a Team

Empower managers and employees to dramatically improve their interactions, foster stronger working relationships and find novel ways to tackle difficult challenges, in real time.

Embed three primary habits with INCLUDE.

Habit 1

Find Common Ground

Habit 2

Lift People Up

Habit 3

Help Create Clarity

Harness collective intelligence.

The conventional wisdom for assembling a high-performing team has run its course. We know it’s not about A-players, or superstars, or geniuses.

The highest-performing teams — the ones that collaborate on creative solutions, and uplift one another along the way — are those that tap into the neuroscience of cooperation. They recruit members from diverse backgrounds, share an identity to rally around a goal, and find real value in working together.

If organizations want to build these all-star teams, the first thing they must do is INCLUDE.

After 30 days of INCLUDE,95% of 178managers at a large energy firm use SCARF® to be more inclusive at least once a week.

Take the next step. Benefit from the neuroscience of smarter teams. Contact an NLI Consultant today.

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