Be More Collaborative, Creative, and Connected as a Team

Empower managers and employees to dramatically improve their interactions, foster stronger working relationships and find novel ways to tackle difficult challenges, in real time.

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INCLUDE™ Helps Teams Become:


Welcome everyone into the fold and generate a deeper sense of relatedness and shared purpose


Generate deep insights and bring out the strength in your organization’s diversity


Foster stronger working relationships and illuminate efficient paths to organizational goals

If You Are Not Actively Including, You May Be Accidentally Excluding

The social signals we send others every day generate feelings of either inclusion or exclusion. Even a subtle comment or action can unintentionally trigger a social threat, causing a teammate to feel excluded or to completely disengage.



To maximize inclusion, we must be deliberate about sending positive signals and mitigating threat whenever possible. INCLUDE deploys a ground-breaking social neuroscience framework to make it easy for teams to embed inclusive habits and put them into practice everyday, in every important conversation.

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How INCLUDE Changes Behavior

Driven by research in how the brain optimally learns, INCLUDE helps everyone build three cohesive habits: Find Common Ground, Lift People Up, and Help Create Clarity. Reduce noise and get everyone focused on what matters in order to achieve a more inclusive workplace that realizes the full potential of its diversity.

Increase relatedness, build the business case, and get people to care

Boost status and fairness by making people feel valued and included

Elevate certainty and autonomy by sharing information and helping people choose

Bring this Highly Scalable Learning Solution to Your Organization

Digital Learning Solutions

Bite-sized audio and video content delivered across four weeks to thousands of managers at a time

Integrated Learning Solutions

Three 90 minute sessions using NLI’s HIVE (High Impact Virtual Experience) methodology, impacting hundreds to thousands of participants

In Person

Expert-led generative learning experiences that are half-day, one-day, or of customizable length to fit your organization’s needs

Digital Learning Content Samples

Week 1

Find Common Ground




Week 2

Lift People Up




Week 3

Help Create Clarity




Week 4

Direct Report Video


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