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A Fresh Perspective

Experience a half-day interactive deep dive into a key area of neuroleadership research and gain fresh perspectives on your most pressing business challenges.

Research Briefings are a great first step to introduce your organization to powerful neuroscience-based tools and approaches with demonstrated business impact.

About the Briefings

Led by NeuroLeadership Institute expert, Research Briefings give your team fresh insights and renewed focus to tackle some of the most demanding organizational challenges, including:

  • Transforming Performance Management
  • Breaking Bias
  • Rethinking Learning
  • Building a Coaching Culture

Research Briefings are delivered directly to executive and/or HR teams (of up to 25 people). We can deliver on-site at your organization, at one of our global office locations, or direct to your team virtually.

Our Research Briefings can be a stepping-stone to broader partnerships with the Institute, where we work with you to build customized action plans to further embed relevant brain-based learning into your organization.

Research Topics

The Transform Performance Management Research Briefing takes your team through principles for developing an efficient and effective performance management approach. The Briefing addresses evaluation, rewards and performance gains in light of the latest research into human engagement and performance. We present a brain-based approach centering on quality conversations demonstrated to improve human engagement and performance.

Through case studies and research findings, participants will explore:

  • The business case for change
  • The “right” goals for transforming performance management
  • The right performance mindset in managers and employees
  • Understanding feedback interventions
  • Focusing conversations on development
  • Creating and measuring growth and new habits

The Breaking Bias Research Briefing describes a novel, powerfully effective methodology for transforming the way leaders navigate around bias and related decision-making. Your team will gain deep insights for recruiting, team building, interacting with peers, and making measured decisions in ways that capture the benefits of diversity and inclusion. This Briefing dives into:

  • The neuroscience behind cognitive bias in individuals
  • Why educating people about biases doesn’t work
  • Strategies for uncovering biased systems
  • The types of cognitive biases
    • Cost-cutting biases
    • Objectivity biases
    • Self-preservation biases
    • Time-/money-saving biases
  • The NeuroLeadership model for mitigating bias
  • Recommendations for how to combat bias in your organization

Discover the latest neuroscience and industry research into the nature of memory and knowledge-building, for lasting learning that “sticks”. The Rethink Learning briefing presents brain-based models for optimal learning and transformative strategies for behavior change that address:

  • Design that puts embedding first
  • Designing the right “weave” of learning
  • Executing global learning projects effectively
  • Leveraging new learning technologies
  • Scaling learning and measuring impact
Research shows that building a system of internal coaches can be a more targeted, scalable, and sustainable approach to driving performance. Training managers in effective coaching skills has tremendous impact in advancing leadership growth, promoting meaningful conversations, and boosting overall performance.

The Building a Coaching Culture Briefing is a team dive into brain-based coaching for organizational and professional development:

  • How coaching is best used
  • Managing quality coaching
  • Theoretical and historical foundations
  • Branding of coaching initiatives and individual programs
  • Language used in core coaching models
  • Establishing organizational buy-in

Our Presenters

David Rock Ph.D.
David Rock Ph.D.Director & CEO

<strong>Lila Davachi Ph.D.</strong>
Lila Davachi Ph.D.Associate Professor of Psychology, New York University

<strong>Jessica Payne Ph.D.</strong>
Jessica Payne Ph.D.Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

<strong>Kevin Ochsner Ph.D.</strong>
Kevin Ochsner Ph.D.Associate Professor, Columbia University

<strong>Heidi Grant, Ph.D.</strong>
Heidi Grant, Ph.D.Social Psychologist, Researcher, Author, Consultant

<strong>Jay Van Bavel, Ph.D.</strong>
Jay Van Bavel, Ph.D.Psychology Professor at New York University

<strong>Jamil Zaki</strong>
Jamil ZakiAssistant Professor of Psychology

<strong>Josh Davis Ph.D.</strong>
Josh Davis Ph.D.Lead Professor, NeuroLeadership Institute

<strong>Beth Jones</strong>
Beth JonesSenior Consultant, NeuroLeadership Institute

<strong>Omar Pradhan</strong>
<strong>Omar Pradhan</strong>Consultant, NeuroLeadership Institute

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