Harness Science with Interactive Briefings

Experience a half-day interactive deep dive into a key area of neuroleadership research and gain fresh perspectives on your most pressing business challenges. Research Briefings are a great first step to introduce your organization to powerful neuroscience-based tools and approaches with demonstrated business impact. Contact us to learn more about available topics.

Hear Directly From Our Scientists in our "Ask An Expert" Series

In this “Ask an Expert” video, NLI Insight Designer Rachel Bailey explains various ways people learn. Find out why it’s important to ask others how they learn — instead of assuming they learn the same way you do.

What You Can Expect from a NeuroLeadership Institute Briefing

Led by a NeuroLeadership Institute expert, Research Briefings give your team fresh insights and renewed focus to tackle some of the most demanding organizational challenges.

Research Briefings are delivered directly to executive and/or HR teams (of up to 25 people). We can deliver on-site at your organization, at one of our global office locations, or direct to your team virtually.

Our Research Briefings can be a stepping-stone to broader partnerships with the Institute, where we work with you to build customized action plans to further embed relevant brain-based learning into your organization.


  • The SCARF Model® and emotional intelligence at work
  • Developing a high-performance culture of feedback
  • Unlocking collective IQ at your organization by advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Driving successful culture change through aligned priorities, habits and systems
  • The neuroscience of effective learning
  • Harnessing the power of Growth Mindset in the organizational setting
  • Unlocking innovation through psychological safety

Our research and executive briefings aren’t limited to these topics. Connect with us to craft the right briefing for your organization, co-created with you by our deep bench of researchers, thought leaders and subject matter experts.

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