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Your Brain At Work LIVE - S7:E20 | The Neuroscience of Psychological Safety Webinar Information

Your Brain At Work LIVE – S7:E20 | The Neuroscience of Psychological Safety

In this groundbreaking episode of Your Brain at Work, Dr. Amy Edmondson joins Dr. David Rock for a wide-ranging conversation about organizational climate, role modeling and, of course, the neuroscience of psychological safety. If you’ve been hearing the buzz about psychological safety and are keen to understand what it’s all about, this episode will provide you with definitive answers.

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Your Brain At Work LIVE – S7:E09 | Mastering Change with Intuitive Design

When driving organizational change, it’s key to consider approaches that will resonate widely and stick with people for the long term. Fluency, amount, coherence and time (F.A.C.T.) are the critical drivers of sustained and inclusive growth.

In this episode, NLI’s experts share perspectives on building organizations from first-hand experience, while answering questions to highlight best practices to ignite learning initiatives at-scale for teams.

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Your Brain At Work LIVE – S7:E02 – Boeing’s Most Significant Culture Change

Boeing set out to create a culture in which every employee feels safe to speak up and believes that their voice matters. Two years of hard work culminated in “Seek, Speak, and Listen” Boeing’s new behavior change model that their CHRO recently characterized as the most significant culture effort in the company’s 106-year history. Tune in for an inspiring conversation and a remarkable story.

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