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Case Studies

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Transforming Performance Management, A Cigna Case Study

Presented By Beth Jones (NeuroLeadership Institute) & Karen Kocher (Cigna)


Transforming Performance Management, An Eli Lilly Case Study

Presented By Dr. David Rock (NeuroLeadership Institute) & Mark Ferrara (Eli Lilly)


Transforming the Quality of Conversations at Scale, A SanDisk Case Study

Presented By Dr. David Rock (NeuroLeadership Institute) and Tom Baker (SanDisk)

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How Microsoft Transformed their Performance Management System, A Case Study

Presented by Josh Davis, Ph.D. at the NeuroLeadership Institute and Lisa Dodge, Director of Global Performance Programs at Microsoft


How Time Warner Cable Transformed the Quality of Developmental Conversations

Presented by David Rock & Stacy Picklesimer of Time Warner Cable

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