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Case Studies

Putting science to work

From pharma to finance to tech to government, we transform talent in organizations.

These case studies show the change we can co-create. Please contact us at for more.






Case Study:

Microsoft Case Study

NeuroLeadership Institute has been helping leading organizations transform their entire leadership development strategy.

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Case Study:

How Government and Consumer Financial Companies Learned To Break Bias

Leaders in three companies stopped following gut feelings, slowed down, and started making decisions based on evidence. In one company, a manager realized that a remote worker had been overlooked for certain projects due to distance bias, or the human tendency to discount people far away from you.

Case Study:

How a Major American Healthcare Company Lifted Diversity and Inclusion

Companies often focus on raising awareness of D&I issues because of the clear bottom-line benefits of a diverse workforce.

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Case Study:

Performance Management Reinvented

BevMo!, a privately held corporation based in Concord, California, is the West Coast’s leading specialty beverage retailer. The company operates out of 166 neighborhood stores, maintains 3,000 employees, and generates approximately 800 million USD in annual revenue.

Case Study:

Connect, The Neuroscience of Quality Conversation

A nationwide U.S. healthcare consortium realized that “mission-critical” improvements in manager capability were necessary to achieve its business goals.

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From our partners:

  • “Our partnership with NLI has been full of insights.”

    – Liz Friedman
    Director, Global Performance & Development at Microsoft

  • “IBM is 380,000 people in 173 countries. We’ve seen this content showing up in leadership conferences, team meetings, and presentations everywhere. People are really drawn to the idea that we can use neuroscience to shape the way we behave as leaders, and create a more resilient, capable, adaptive, agile, and creative IBM.”

    – Deb Bubb
    Vice President, Chief Leadership, Learning and Inclusion Officer at IBM


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