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Culture Change Isn’t a Mystery If Leaders Follow the Science

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NLI’s blog for all things neuroleadership.

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You’ve Heard of Growth Mindset, but What Is Growth Mindset Culture?

One of the most well-established psychological concepts, growth mindset, has exploded among leadership. But how do you cultivate growth mindset culture?

The Science of Learning Explains the Missteps of Growth Mindset

Research shows some leaders take growth mindset and run in all sorts of directions with it. To understand why, we can look to the science of learning.

3 Brain-Based Strategies Key to Every Business Transformation

Business transformations don't appear out of thin air. Leaders must take concrete steps to ensure people are thinking and acting in new, effective ways.

NLI GUIDE DOWNLOAD: “How Culture Change Really Happens”

Culture change can feel like an impossible task, but with the right mindset and approach to building habits, leaders can create their desired behaviors.

Want to Reduce Harassment? Make Employees Better Bystanders

A new study of more than 6,000 college students finds that bystander training can make people more vigilant when they witness harassment.

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