Highlights From the 2023 NeuroLeadership Summit

Three images from the 2023 NLI Summit

Early in October, NLI brought together some of the world’s brightest business leaders and scientists for its two-day Summit. Together, insights were sparked around some of the toughest issues facing leaders today, including navigating AI, the return-to-office debate, and an ever-complex DEI landscape. No matter the challenge, one thing was clear: the increasing need to understand humans better. “We need to maintain the people-focus in organizations but do it with even more discipline, with more science, with more intentionality,” NLI’s Dr. David Rock said during a keynote. For more inspirational nuggets from leaders of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Microsoft, Colgate-Palmolive, and more, watch our 2023 Summit highlight reel. And be sure to save the date for next year’s Summit, Oct. 29-30.

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