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Learn to Practice the Art and Science of ‘Thoughtful Exclusion’

Your Brain at Work2019-08-15T14:39:31-04:00

4 Big Ideas to Support Your Next Transformation

The question of how to launch a transformation can seem too big to tackle, but with a brain-friendly approach, there are a few first principles to follow.

Soledad O’Brien on the Power of Storytelling in Leadership

Award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien discusses the power of storytelling in helping leaders build inclusion throughout their teams.

Reflections on the Purpose of a Corporation

More than 200 CEOs have agreed to put societal values ahead of profits. Here’s why brain science says this is a move in the right direction.

Use Growth Mindset to Conduct Smarter Performance Reviews

By using growth mindset, we can give performance reviews that are more accurate, less threatening, and support our team members to develop and succeed.

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