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NLI GUIDE DOWNLOAD: “How Culture Change Really Happens”

Culture change can feel like an impossible task, but with the right mindset and approach to building habits, leaders can create their desired behaviors.

How to Implement Growth Mindset Still Mystifies Leaders, New Survey Reveals

Survey results indicate leaders still struggle with how to implement growth mindset, despite many now making the skill a priority in their organization.

Growth Mindset Is Essential If Leaders Hope to Adapt to the AI Revolution

Growth mindset, the research indicates, can help leaders adapt to the automation of labor and other forms of the AI revolution.

So You Have a Fixed Mindset — Here’s What to Do About It

If you feel stuck, you may have a fixed mindset about growth mindset itself. Here's how to shift your thinking.

The Truth Is No One ‘Has’ a Fixed or Growth Mindset

It's not actually possible to have a fixed or growth mindset, so leaders should go easy on themselves when learning to develop the new skill.

The 6 Business Reasons Organizations Look to Adopt Growth Mindset

Adaptation, maturity, and reinvention are only a few business reasons organizations focus on cultivating a growth mindset.

We Talked to 20 Orgs About Growth Mindset — Here Are Our 7 Biggest Findings

In-depth interviews with organizations about growth mindset revealed a fascinating collection of goals, use cases, obstacles, and outcomes.

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