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How Microsoft Cracked the Code on Feedback

For the last few years, Microsoft has been on a transformational feedback journey in which people stop giving feedback and instead start asking for it.

4 Growth Mindset Case Studies Reveal the Power of Continuous Improvement

Growth mindset comes alive in a number of organizations, and a new NLI white paper showcases four of those success stories.

3 Big Ideas to Build Your Organizational Growth Mindset

Leaders who cultivate an organizational growth mindset can focus their attention in a number of areas, all of them beneficial for overall team health.

2019 NEUROLEADERSHIP SUMMIT: Meet the Scientists

This year’s NeuroLeadership Summit takes place November 19-20, but consider this your early opportunity to meet the Summit scientists today.

SURVEY RESPONSES NEEDED: How Have You Experienced Performance Management?

Performance management has been in flux for the last decade, and now NLI wants to hear from you about your experiences with the PM process.

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