Navigating Through Crisis FAQ: What Science Says Leaders Should Do

Face to face with a crisis, it’s seldom clear where to focus our attention. NLI has assembled frequently asked questions about what leaders should do.

The Neuroscience of Laughter, and How to Inspire More of It at Work

These days, many hearts are heavy and laughter may seem inconceivable. But often humor can bring a much needed sense of levity in moments of darkness.

If You Want Employees to Speak Up, Start by Minimizing Threat

If leaders can make their organization a psychologically safe place to speak up, they can tap into a wellspring of new ideas from people who otherwise keep quiet.

2020 NEUROLEADERSHIP SUMMIT: Build a Better Normal

Uncertainty can spark new opportunities to reimagine culture. Learn to build a better normal with strategies from today’s leading scientists and executives.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Performance Management in Times of Crisis

At NLI we believe that now is perfect time to build a more flexible, continuous, and people-focused performance management system. Here’s how.

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