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Mika Liss

President NeuroLeadership Institute

Mika leads the NeuroLeadership Institute’s vision and brand promise to make organizations more human through neuroscience. She focuses on elevating NLI’s client experience and expanding the Institute’s reach by ensuring the organization is fiscally and programmatically sound on a global scale.

Prior to NLI, Mika worked in the Israeli high-tech industry, where she helped grow a publicly-traded global services firm from 25 people in one country to 600 employees in more than six countries. She’s also held leadership roles in talent strategy, marketing, corporate communications, and sales operations, and led stock-exchange listings, company rebranding initiatives, and mergers and acquisitions.

Based in Las Vegas, Mika holds a bachelor’s and master’s from New York University and Hunter College, respectively.

Latest from Mika Liss

Blog, Your Brain at Work

Everyone has a theory on hybrid work effectiveness. We have experience.

NeuroLeadership Institute’s newest product, FLEX: The Neuroscience of Hybrid Leadership, is, like all our solutions, rooted in science. FLEX, though, is also deeply rooted in our internal experiences. The NeuroLeadership Institute has been a hybrid workplace since 2017 (not a ...

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12 Words That Changed My Life

In one of Life's Little Instruction Books, I read, "don't dismiss a good idea simply because you don't like the source." The idea was profound when I first encountered it. It’s even more profound now that I understand the brain ...

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The Neuroscience of Laughter, and How to Inspire More of It at Work

Does anyone remember laughter? That’s right, we just quoted Led Zeppelin as we advocate for spreading laughter and joy in the workplace (and the world, at large). Given the pandemic and racial tensions, many hearts are heavy; laughter may seem ...

Blog, Your Brain at Work

Mind the (Six-Foot) Gap, and Then Bridge It

Why is solitary confinement considered among the worst punishments for people? Because our social fabric significantly contributes to mental health; taking it away jeopardizes our individual and collective stability. Yet, that’s essentially where we’ve ended up. The mandates to be ...

Blog, Your Brain at Work

‘Befriend the Pandemic’: A Different Perspective on Current Events

Here, at NLI, we talk a lot about defying conventional wisdom, and instead heeding what research tells us. Core to that choice is embracing the importance of challenging the norm. To that end, here’s what might be a different, and ...