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Mika Liss

Chief Operating Officer NeuroLeadership Institute

As COO, the focus of my role is two-fold:

  • The end-to-end customer experience
  • Inter-team and/or systems infrastructure to support our clients and peoples

At NLI, we’ve designed the COO role to evolve with the changing needs of the company and yet stay the same in terms of constantly and consistently making sure we all have the tools we need to do our jobs to the best of our abilities.

Prior to NLI, I worked in the Israeli high tech industry at a publicly traded, global information technology and services firm. I joined that company when it was a start-up and grew with it from twenty-five people in one country into an international firm with six hundred employees in more than six countries.

I’ve held leadership roles in full Profit & Loss ownership, talent strategy and management, marketing, corporate communications, and sales operations; lived in Tel Aviv, London, Paris, Atlanta, and New York City; and led stock exchange listings, company re-brand initiatives, and mergers and acquisitions.

Throughout my career, I’ve been a partner to the CEO/founder, Board members, investors, and other stakeholders.

My guiding principle: put sales and clients at the center of strategy.

I also teach at New York University and hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s in English Literature from New York University and Hunter College, respectively.

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