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Join Our Team

Considering joining the NeuroLeadership Institute? Here’s what you need to know.

Headquartered in New York with operations worldwide, the NeuroLeadership Institute is a think tank and consultancy that strives to understand how people work—in every meaning of the phrase—better than any other company on the planet. We take the best scientific insights and apply them at a behavioral level, driving habits that create lasting change. We disrupt conventional wisdom and so-called human capital best practices. We’re contrarian and rigorous, thoughtful and vigorous.

The people who excel here are deeply curious about the world and the humans that inhabit it, including themselves. They want to know how organizations function and falter. They prize clear thinking; they describe themselves as intellectually driven, self reflective, and ambitious. They want to grow quickly, work with the smartest people in the world, and know that their work has an impact. They love autonomy and the freedom to work on their own, seeking to bring individual perspectives into a collaborative, creative dialogue.

We tackle perennial organizational issues that create suffering for millions of workers and hamstring innovation for companies. Our learning solutions deliver education throughout all levels of organizations. In our consulting practices, we create thinking partnerships that redefine company cultures. Our deep intimacy with the social, cognitive, and neurosciences allows us to cut through managerial hearsay, and see people issues in a new, empirically rigorous light.

We’re obsessed with understanding how the brain works. Humming along in the background, it frames the way we perceive the world, think about everything, and interact with others. Who looks more qualified for a job, how we receive feedback, how teams find breakthroughs —all these experiences are shaped by neural processes happening out of sight, but most certainly in mind. That’s why, if you really want to know what makes individuals and organizations flourish or flail, you need deep knowledge of brains and behavior—precisely what we at the NeuroLeadership Institute strive for.

Our team is interdisciplinary. Neuroscience PhDs collaborate with social psychologists, partnering with business executives. Our goal is to master the latest research across our three key practice areas: performance, diversity and inclusion, and leadership and organizational change. These practices have three simple goals: better conversations, smarter teams, and real change. When the world’s leading companies need to transform, they come to us—like Microsoft did when it needed to renew its culture, when Blackrock wanted to drive diversity and inclusion, and when Cigna wanted rid itself of performance ratings.

At NLI we bridge worlds and tear down silos. We embrace the virtual office, with far-flung team members doing their best work across the globe. We’re allergic to bureaucracy and in love with innovation. Our learning solutions change lives, and our thinking partnerships shift paradigms.

At our best we’re the gene editors of organizational cultures, trimming away problematic strands and catalyzing fresh growth. We are becoming the preeminent human capital firm in the world, the trusted confidant to leaders in government, business, medicine and beyond. If the prospect of all that excites you, please reach out.

If you are talented and ambitious and see yourself as part of this team, contact us to explore joining our teams in research, consulting, sales, project management, content development and more. These positions are in the main New York office, or in satellite offices in Los Angeles, London, Singapore, and Sydney—with remote work opportunities beyond all of the above.


About Us


With operations worldwide, the Institute provides unique brain-based, process-focused, and outcome-driven methodologies and frameworks that help individuals and organizations facilitate positive change and lead more effectively. Organized through three key branches, the NeuroLeadership Institute provides a customized approach to applied neuroscience.



To be one of the most influential leadership institutes in the world.



Transform leadership through neuroscience.

  • We need the best and the brightest talent the world has to offer in order to achieve our mission
  • We work with the most interesting, progressive and diverse set of Fortune 1000 clients globally; those who value Human Capital
  • That encouraging our employees to “think differently” gives them the opportunity to grow and empowers them to shape their own career paths
  • That passion, drive, intellectual curiosity and a strong desire to serve our clients through positive change is a recipe for success
  1. Integrity – doing the right thing, for clients, for the company and for yourself
  2. Client focused – deeply caring about the client’s experience
  3. Excellence – being obsessive about the quality of your work

These values are the cornerstone of our business, products and brand; they are essential in every one of our employees

  • Opportunity to do work that matters
  • Connect with cutting edge leadership research
  • Learn from collaborating with the biggest and smartest companies in the world
  • Growth opportunity with a fast growing firm
  • Ability to create and have impact
  • Great flexibility, high autonomy, supportive team environment

  • Resourceful, entrepreneurial and creative
  • Positively oriented: lots of energy, solution-focused, love a challenge
  • Great team player: good self management, able to influence others well
  • Driven to be excellent: passion for delivering results, ambitious
  • Fast learner: inquisitive, adaptive and hungry

If you check these boxes come check out our team.

The NeuroLeadership Institute is proud to be an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. NLI is committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all persons in all facets of employment. We encourage females, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities to apply for any open position for which they meet the basic qualifications listed.

Should you require a reasonable accommodation in applying for any posted position, please contact the contact us at 1-212-260-2505.