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Optimize Culture & Leadership

Culture isn’t a mystery anymore — it’s the habits that employees carry out every day. Develop a culture strategy tailored to how the brain works and driven by clear leadership principles.

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Our Perspective

How to Create Cultures of Cooperation — A Summit Q&A with Neuroscientist Jay Van Bavel

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What Our New Pop-Up Survey Reveals About Growth Mindset

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The Biggest Myth About Growth Mindset

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What Airline Pilots and Nurses Can Teach Organizations About Decision-Making

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5 Mistakes Companies Make About Growth Mindsets

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Tell Employees What You Want Them to Strive for (in as Few Words as Possible)

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No Pain, No Brain Gain: Why Learning Demands (A Little) Discomfort

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Putting All of Your Star Players on One Team Can Stifle Creativity

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Build Research-Based Culture & Leadership Initiatives

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Explore research and trends through our Research Briefings (virtual / in-person). Learn at your own pace with Corporate Membership.

Thinking Partnerships


Partner with NeuroLeadership Institute to develop coherent learning strategies.

Scalable Learning Solutions

Help your organization be more flexible, positive, and engaged in the face of change with GROW.

The Neuroscience of Breakthrough Thinking

The Neuroscience of Resilience

Journal Articles

Available to Members


Organizational Growth Mindset

By Heidi Grant, Christine Cox & David Rock


Why Insight Matters

By Dr. Josh Davis, Christine Chesebrough, Dr. David Rock & Christine Cox


The Science of Making Learning Stick: An Update to the AGES Model (Vol. 5)

By Josh Davis, Ph.D., Maite Balda, Dr. David Rock, Paul McGinniss & Lila Davachi


Learning That Lasts Through AGES (Vol. 3)

By Dr. Lila Davachi, Dr. Tobias Kiefer, Dr. David Rock & Lisa Rock


Lead Change with the Brain in Mind (Vol. 4)

By Dr. Jim Whiting, Elizabeth Jones, Dr. David Rock & Xenia Bendit


How Insight Happens: Learning from the Brain (Vol. 1)

By Dr. Mark Jung-Beeman, Azurii Collier & Dr. John Kounios

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