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Making Organizations More Human Through Science

Over the last 25 years, we’ve cracked the code for culture change at scale. Discover what science-backed habit activation can do for your organization.


Access our latest industry report on psychological safety, its importance, and why leaders are talking about it now.

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In this episode of the Your Brian at Work podcast, Dr. David Rock and Dr. Amy Edmondson dive into psychological safety. Tune in to hear the definitive take on what psychological safety is, and why it matters at organization now.


We Make Organizations More Human Through Science

Harness the power of neuroscience to drive organizational change in weeks, not years.

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In the next episode of Your Brain at Work Live, Dr. David Rock (Co-Founder & CEO, NLI) connects with Becks Port, Ph.D. — the Chief People Officer at 10X Genomics and former Vice President of Human Resources at Netflix — to explore the widespread movement toward human capital efficiency impacting organizations worldwide.

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People and Performance Podcast: Adding More Data to Your DEI Strategy

NLI’s Global Head of DEI, Janet M. Stovall, joins the People and Performance Podcast to discuss how a data-driven strategy approach to DEI can improve organizational performance and help shape company cultures.


of the Fortune 100 trust the NeuroLeadership Institute to transform their organizations.

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“Our partnership with NLI has been full of insights.”

Liz Friedman

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Over 65% of the Fortune 100 trust the NeuroLeadership Institute to transform their organizations at impact, speed, and scale.



Drive change in your organization.


Drive change in your organization.

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