Practice Area: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Replacing subjectivity with objectivity is the key to sustaining DEI amid changing internal priorities and external pressures.

Follow the science to unlock the value of diversity to improve organizational outcomes and culture.

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A new kind of Chief Diversity Officer Council, sponsored by the NeuroLeadership Institute

NLI’s CDO Council will comprise experienced DEI executives from around the globe. Its goal is to identify and address the most pressing needs of DEI professionals by creating safe spaces for open and candid conversations, where CDOs can share experiences and collaborate on effective solutions.

The council will serve as a convergence point where NLI’s science-based behavior change approach and best practice from various organizations align to advance and sustain DEI practice with valuable insights and tools.

We’re asking CDOs to share their visions for this CDO council, including its structure, mission, and vision. Ultimately, the council’s priority is the well-being and success of CDOs. By listening to needs, fostering a supportive environment, and offering essential resources, NLI wants to empower CDOs to lead transformative change in their organizations and beyond.

What’s New from the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practice Area

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Research Study – Empirical Validation of DEI Initiatives: Demonstrating Value, Innovation, and Organizational Success

There is a growing debate on the effectiveness of DEI initiatives and their impact on business success. Now more than ever, DEI’s survival depends on demonstrating its value objectively.

This pioneering research project aims to provide empirical validation for the merits of DEI by showcasing its capacity to stimulate innovation and resolve organizational challenges in alignment with strategic objectives.

NLI will assume comprehensive guidance participating organizations through the study of the study, overseeing its initiation, progression, and conclusion. Furthermore, we will collaborate closely with your organization to effectively communicate the narrative of your DEI endeavors using the insights derived from the data.

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SURVEY – Organizational Implications of the SCOTUS Affirmative Action Decision: Insights from DEI Professionals

We’re conducting a survey to gather your expert insights on the potential implications for organizations of the impending Supreme Court decision on affirmative action in higher education admissions.

The estimated time to complete this survey is approximately five minutes, and all provided responses will be treated with strict confidentiality. We may highlight some of the key findings in our reports, but rest assured that such references will be anonymized to protect your identity and privacy. Please follow press the button or click here to participate in the survey.

Practice Area: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Replacing subjectivity with objectivity is the key to sustaining DEI amid changing internal priorities and external pressures.

Follow the science to unlock the value of diversity to improve organizational outcomes and culture.

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Featured Case Study: DBB Worldwide

Achieving equity in the workplace requires that organizations move from a “bodies in the building” model of DEI to habituated inclusion that welcomes “brains into the business”.

Leaders at DBB Worldwide partnered with the NeuroLeadership Institute to accomplish just that, harnessing the de-biasing science of DECIDE to mitigate bias and improve decision-making across a population of 2,000 managers.

“Our clients want to know that we're ahead of the game, and want to know that we're bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to the talent landscape."

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Learn how organizations across a wide variety of business verticals build the habits to mitigate bias, accelerate inclusion and systematize equity.

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Meet Our Practice Leader

Janet M. Stovall, CDE

Janet M. Stovall, CDE

Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
A long history of driving change and building culture in large, complex organizations has earned Janet M. Stovall deep expertise around DEI practices and principles. Her 3 TED presentations challenging business to get serious about inclusion, have — collectively – over 2.5 million views. Her superpowers? Applying neuroscience to solve DEI challenges, building actionable DEI frameworks and strategies, and brokering honest DEI conversations among top leaders.

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The Neuroscience of Breaking Bias

Mitigate unconscious bias and make effective decisions.


The Neuroscience of Smarter Teams

Operationalize the true power of diverse teams.


The Neuroscience of Speaking Up

Inspire teams to speak up and share ideas.


The Neuroscience of Advocating for Others

Unlock collective IQ through inclusive habits.

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