Practice Area: Talent & Performance

Engage, develop, and retain employees through continuous feedback systems and culture optimizations that create the conditions for excellence.

Practice Area: Talent & Performance

Engage, develop, and retain employees through continuous feedback systems and culture optimizations that create the conditions for excellence.

Achieve Excellence In Each Practice Area

Some of the world’s largest and most impactful organizations benefit from thinking with NLI across practice areas led by world-renowned experts.

Business Transformation at Impact, Speed & Scale

Learn how companies harness feedback to improve employee retention, engagement and development.

Featured Case Study: DBB Worldwide

Achieving equity in the workplace requires that organizations move from a “bodies in the building” model of DEI to habituated inclusion that welcomes “brains into the business”.

Leaders at DBB Worldwide partnered with the NeuroLeadership Institute to accomplish just that, harnessing the de-biasing science of DECIDE to mitigate bias and improve decision-making across a population of 2,000 managers.

“Our clients want to know that we're ahead of the game, and want to know that we're bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to the talent landscape."

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Learn how organizations across a wide variety of business verticals build the habits to create cultures of continuous feedback — improving business outcomes at scale.

What Powerful Partnerships Look Like

We offer science-backed pathways to transformation for businesses of all sizes — wherever you are in your journey.



World-changing thought leadership at your fingertips.

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Clear strategies & frameworks to accelerate transformation.

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Scale quickly with proven habit activation initiatives.

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Meet Our Practice Leader

Christy Pruitt-Haynes

Christy Pruitt-Haynes

Global Head of Talent & Performance
Christy Pruitt-Hayne's expertise in leadership development, diversity, strategic planning, and HR led her to join NLI, where she's building our consulting and facilitation teams and optimizing organizational efficacy for talent recruitment, development, retention, and succession planning as the leader of our Talent & Performance Practice.

Corporate Solutions for Transforming Talent & Performance

Harness science-backed behavior change programs to transform your habits, teams and business outcomes for the better.


The Neuroscience of Quality Conversations

Increase the quality of conversations.


The Neuroscience of Better Feedback

Create robust cultures of feedback.


The Neuroscience of Effective Evaluation

Execute informed, accurate, and fair evaluations.


The Neuroscience of Career Conversations

Understand, inspire and partner with employees to be their best.


The Neuroscience of Psychological Safety

Unlock innovation through psychological safety.


Transformations co-created with you.

Assess, understand, plan and execute culture change at your organization.

Unearth Opportunities

Unsure where to start? Use our Solution Assessment to let us know where your challenges lie, and we’ll provide recommendations for how you might move forward.

Commit to Change

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Connect with NeuroLeadership experts to explore how you can transform your organization at impact, speed and scale.

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