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    Free De-escalation Briefing for Law Enforcement

    Understand the dynamics and impact of escalation using neuroscience research. Officers will learn the threat levels in the brain when humans interact, especially when in high-stake situations.

    Held in partnership with Joe Smarro of the Emmy-nominated HBO documentary, “Ernie & Joe, Crisis Cops,” and MILO Range.

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    Discover how the most brain-friendly conference in the world can help you Build a Better Normal and change the work world.

    Join us this November 10-12 for this completely virtual experience.


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    How to Be an Ally in This Moment: Listen Deeply, Unite Widely, Act Boldly

    Learn more about NLI’s approach to allyship and how we can help.

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  • Scalable Learning Solution

    Don’t run bias awareness training. Build a bias mitigation strategy.

    With DECIDE, 78% of 9,500 participants across 30 organizations deliberately mitigated biases each week.

    Learn how to mitigate bias at your organization.

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  • Scalable Learning Solution

    Are You Actively Including?

    91% of participant’s direct reports noticed their manager be more inclusive after going through INCLUDE.

    Bring INCLUDE to your organization.

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Using science to make organizations more human.

Guiding hypothesis

Organizational performance can be significantly improved, and the brain can show us how. By following the science, it is possible to develop significantly more effective talent strategies, and drive behavior change across the globe, at a fraction of the usual cost — and in weeks, not years.

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NLI have been subject-matter experts, and partners with us, and advisers – they’ve played the gamut.

Susan Ferrier, Global Head of People at KPMG

Our partnership with NLI has been full of insights.

Liz Friedman, Director, Global Performance & Development at Microsoft

NLI has been second to none in terms of their willingness to work with us.

Doug Shupinski, Director, Leadership Development at Merck

The way the science is woven in, the flow, the activities… I think it’s a masterful job.

Senior VP & Chief Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity Officer, A 200,000-person American healthcare company

We talked about the neuroscience of trying to find things that are simple, cohesive, and sticky.

Joe Whittinghill, Corporate Vice President, Talent, Learning, and Insights at Microsoft

What really sticks out for me from our work with NLI is the combination of the science and the practical.

Megan McDonald, Head of Investment Banking (International) at Standard Bank Group

You’re seeing innovation come out of our organization like never before.

Tracy Keogh, CHRO at HP

We’ve seen this content showing up in leadership conferences, team meetings, and presentations everywhere.

Deb Bubb, Vice President, Chief Leadership, Learning and Inclusion Officer at IBM

NLI has built this to be brain friendly, to allow us to engage.

Rob Ollander-Krane, Talent Planning and Performance at Gap Inc.

The promise

Develop brain-friendly talent strategies, and educate learners at all levels about the brain — improving decision-making, conversations, and outcomes.

You’ve built a business strategy based on data.
What about a talent strategy based on science?

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Thought Leadership

Practice Areas

Unique and original research has shaped three key domains of expertise.

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Practice Areas

Partnering with 52% of the Fortune 100.
Since 2017, 1 million people impacted & over 3 million new habits learned.