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We Make Organizations More Human Through Science

Over the last 25 years, we’ve cracked the code for culture change at scale. Discover what our science-backed habit activation solutions can do for your organization.


Access our latest industry report on psychological safety, its importance, and why leaders are talking about it now.

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Backed by recent advances in neuroscience, we will provide you with the knowledge and skills to build the habits and systems that will allow you to develop talent management processes that support your organization’s goals.

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This virtual program will take you through, step by step, helping you build a science-based DEI strategy. Starting with how to mobilize leaders, all the way through to measuring impact, we will draw on the best of research along with opportunities to learn from peers.

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Season 9 of Your Brain at Work Live has arrived. Dive into our latest insights by accessing our on-demand library of public learning events.

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We Make Organizations More Human Through Science

Harness the power of neuroscience to drive organizational change in weeks, not years.

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Your Brain at Work Live APAC webinar information for April 3rd 2023

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career as a coach or trainer, this round table is the perfect platform to discover best practices and get your questions answered.


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Your Brain at Work LIVE | The Neuroscience of Insight at Scale

In the next episode of Your Brain at Work Live, Dr. Emma Sarro joins Dr. David Rock to unveil the scientific underpinnings of insight generation. Together, they’ll walk the community through our “Eureka Scale” model and provide a neuroscience-informed perspective on how organizations can surface the best thoughts and behaviors — fast.

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Special Event – April 28 at 11 a.m. EST

Growth Mindset Mini-Summit

Join us for an exclusive virtual half-day gathering convening some of the brightest minds in business, culture and research.

Together, we’ll dig in to case studies and scientific insights about growth mindset in organizational settings—laying the groundwork for a more resilient, innovative and adaptive world of work.


of the Fortune 100 trust the NeuroLeadership Institute to transform their organizations.

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“Our partnership with NLI has been full of insights.”

Liz Friedman

Director, Global Performance & Management at Microsoft


Over 65% of the Fortune 100 trust the NeuroLeadership Institute to transform their organizations at impact, speed, and scale.



Drive change in your organization.


Drive change in your organization.

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