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Coronavirus FAQ: What Science Says Leaders Should Do

Face to face with a crisis, it’s seldom clear where to focus our attention. NLI has assembled frequently asked questions about what leaders should do.

The 2 Biggest Obstacles to Organizational Growth Mindset — and How to Overcome Them

By now, most leaders understand that organizational growth mindset is a transformative tool for talent development, but implementation can be tricky.

Want to Reduce Harassment? Make Employees Better Bystanders

A new study of more than 6,000 college students finds that bystander training can make people more vigilant when they witness harassment.

How to Implement Growth Mindset Still Mystifies Leaders, New Survey Reveals

Survey results indicate leaders still struggle with how to implement growth mindset, despite many now making the skill a priority in their organization.

4 Steps for Embracing the Discomfort of Developing a Growth Mindset

The hallmark of developing a growth mindset is the discomfort that comes with trying new things and, inevitably, failing. But perseverance is possible.

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