Coronavirus FAQ: What Science Says Leaders Should Do

Face to face with a crisis, it’s seldom clear where to focus our attention. NLI has assembled frequently asked questions about what leaders should do.

3 Myths About Allyship—and What Research Says Instead

As interest in allyship swells, so does the risk for misinterpretation. We’ve combed through the research and presented these myths about allyship.

A Simple Strategy to Build Inclusion in Diverse Teams

Celebrating differences in teams may sound well-intentioned, but research shows it pays to build inclusion through celebrating similarities.

What Zappos, Google, and Bridgewater Can Teach Us About the Importance of Speaking Up

Employees who are empowered to speak up and offer feedback to their superiors are more likely to offer ideas on how to improve the business.

Leaders, Don’t Be the Friend Who Only Says ‘Happy Birthday’

Recently, our social media feeds have been plastered with companies announcing their support of the Black Lives Matter movement and other racial justice initiatives. Some […]

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