Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Despite a common belief, every organization’s DEI challenges are unique. Leveraging others’ best practices will only get you part of the way. Follow the science to drive true culture transformation at scale.

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Align your business goals with Diversity & Inclusion goals

Ensure that both leaders and employees know what the benefits are for themselves and how it grows the organization.

Drive for shifting habits, not increasing awareness

Awareness is an important step, but without habit activation and formation there will be no measurable behavior change.

Create specific measurement and accountability

Identify the correct metrics to monitor progress over time, and integrate them into your talent management processes to drive accountability.

D&I Transformation Journey

Mobilize Leaders

Build Strategies

Activate Habits

Reimagine Systems

Mobilize Leaders

The role of leadership is a critical component in driving organizational culture change. Their actions and language role model accepted behaviors and have broad influence on employee engagement and performance. NLI partners with organizations incorporating leader involvement from the very beginning of the process, ensuring leaders are aligned on the mission, vision, and direction of an initiative.


Get leadership buy in by anchoring on the science and reinforcing a business case for D&I. Executive briefings D&I research briefings

Working sessions

Partner with NLI’s top consultants to solve your biggest D&I challenges. 1:1 working sessions Executive team working sessions Coaching

Listening circles

Facilitate insight-rich dialogue with employees to better understand their experience. Listening circles Town Halls Employee Engagement Surveys

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Build Impactful Strategies Through Consulting

NLI engages in a collaborative consulting process to ensure synergies with our clients’ culture. We deploy consultants and scientists to understand current realities of the organization and generate insights from employee data. Leveraging our proprietary culture transformation model Priorities, Habits, and Systems™ (PHS), we offer clear guidelines for how to create initiatives that leave a lasting impact and result in true transformation at scale.


Generate meaningful insights from your qualitative and quantitative data to provide deep diagnostics of your current reality.

D&I Maturity Diagnostics Talent Management Systems Diagnostics

Tactical measures

Put systems, processes, and programs in place in order to support and sustain your D&I goals.

Creating or Optimizing ERGs, BRGs
and Diversity Councils
Partnering with HRBPs Allyship Programs Ambassador Programs Measurement Blueprints


Develop and implement a strategic plan to achieve specific D&I-related goals bridging the gap between current and desired future states.

D&I Strategy 0 to 5 D&I Measurement Strategy Enterprise D&I Learning Strategy

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Change Behaviors and Activate Habits

NLI focuses on behavior change at scale with a focus on the science of habit formation at the core of our learning solutions. When it comes to D&I, we identified a number of critical groups of habits to enable true change. NLI offers a suite of solutions that address each of these habit groupings that best fit organizational needs.

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Reimagine Talent Management Systems

Systems support an organization's desired behavior change by reinforcing the essential habits. Without the right programs and processes supporting them, these habits will not get formed and quite simply, the behavior change doesn’t happen. NLI partners with organizations to carefully assess talent management systems through the lens of brain science. This evaluation pinpoints and suggests potential improvements that allow organizational priorities and habits to be reinforced.

Talent Acquisition

Performance Management

Learning & Development

Workforce Planning

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Not sure where your organization is on the D&I maturity path?

Best practitioners, consultants, and scientists are here to enable change

We crafted teams of industry practitioners, strategic consultants, and scientists to help tackle your unique challenges in D&I.

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