Our Leadership Moonshot: Key Insights to Embrace and Act Upon Now

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People started talking about “moonshots” back in 1949. Back then, the phrase quite literally meant to shoot for the moon—with a spacecraft, that is (eg. the Apollo missions).

Since then, the term has become shorthand for an audacious vision paired with an ambitious goal. This type of thinking in the organizational context, popularized by pioneering organizations like Microsoft, Apple, Google and SpaceX, has driven innovation for decades and been the source of countless technological breakthroughs.

So it has us thinking: What’s the moonshot for leadership? What do the effective leaders of the future look like? And how do we help today’s leaders get there?

In his latest article on Forbes, Dr. David Rock, Co-founder and CEO of the NeuroLeadership Institute, reflects on those questions.

David explores the key insights that leaders should embrace and act upon right now to set themselves up for success in the future. Throughout, he explains how science should inform and transform how we think about leadership.

Some of the insights David unpacks include:

  • How to leverage the moment to do big things
  • Why leaders should care about humans at levels you never imagined
  • How to embrace hybrid work and autonomy
  • And why leaders should follow the science, experiment, and follow the data

To read the full article click here, or to learn more about NLI’s approach to leadership click here.

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