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The Essentials: DE&I

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Organizations that promote diversity and inclusion — ensuring all employees feel respected and valued — can unlock collective intelligence to become more creative and collaborative, and in turn, improve their bottom line. Whether you’re a new DE&I leader or a seasoned veteran in the space, these essential resources can guide you on your DE&I journey.


infographic: diversity is a noun, inclusion is the action infographic: develop talent in meaningful ways


The neuroscience of diversity

3 Ways Science Demystifies Diversity & Inclusion

Equity Explained: What It Is and How to Create It at Your Organization

Cultures of Inclusion

The Science and Practice of Transforming Organizational Systems for More Equity


The power of diversity

6 Benefits of Creating More Inclusive Workplaces

Why Diverse Teams Outperform Homogeneous Teams

The Smartest Teams Embrace the ‘Diversity Paradox’

Diversity Without Inclusion Creates a Revolving Door of Talent

Practice Allyship and Inclusion to Advance Diversity at the Highest Level


Diversity in action

Here’s How To Make Diversity Training Better

A Simple Strategy to Build Inclusion in Diverse Teams

3 Big Ideas to Create a More Inclusive Culture

The Right and Wrong Ways to Engage Leaders Around DE&I

Disrupting DE&I: Reconstructing the Path Forward

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