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3 Essential Habits All Leaders Should Focus On

Your Brain at Work2019-01-14T15:15:19-04:00

NLI’s blog for all things neuroleadership.

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How ‘Optimal Inclusion’ Helps Drive Transformation

When the right people come together, teams can think and act more efficiently. At NLI, we call this balance “optimal inclusion.”

3 Ways Leaders Can Elevate Quiet Voices

Every meeting contains some mixture of extroverts and introverts — people who speak up and those who keep quiet. Here’s how to raise quiet voices.

The 5 Biggest Biases That Affect Decision-Making

If you have a brain, you’re biased. The SEEDS Model® organizes five kinds of unconscious bias that affect decision-making the most.

Here’s Why Bias and Inclusion Are Fundamentally Different

Bias and inclusion may appear together in D&I conversations, but from a scientific standpoint, they are undeniably different.

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