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The Mental Shift That Unlocks Organizational Performance

Your Brain at Work2019-08-15T14:39:31-05:00

New Microsoft Report Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion Progress

For the past few years, Microsoft has been embarking on a journey to diversify its workforce and increase feelings of inclusion company-wide.

Diversity Without Inclusion Creates a Revolving Door of Talent

It’s one of the most common missteps leaders make in expanding their talent pool: creating diversity without inclusion. Here’s why both matter.

Inclusion as a Remedy to the Negative Effects of Power

Powerful people are revered for their visionary thinking and ability to inspire. But research also reveals the more dangerous, negative effects of power.

A Psychologist’s Advice for Leaders Who Want to Raise Quiet Voices

Dr. Mona Weiss studies why some people speak up at work, and others keep quiet. Here she presents leaders with some advice to raise quiet voices.

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