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Learn to Practice the Art and Science of ‘Thoughtful Exclusion’

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Learn to Practice the Art and Science of ‘Thoughtful Exclusion’

It's hard to know when we've assembled just the right people for just the right jobs. That's where the idea of "thoughtful exclusion" comes into play.

A Simple Strategy to Build Inclusion in Diverse Teams

Celebrating differences in teams may sound well-intentioned, but research shows it pays to build inclusion through celebrating similarities.

Inclusion Isn’t Just About ‘Having a Seat at the Table’

Leaders may understand why inclusion matters, but still fail to put it into practice for their organization. A new NLI white paper offers some strategies.

Why It’s so Hard to Speak up at Work — and What to Do About It

Whether it’s sharing an idea or challenging someone else’s behavior, speaking up at work is fraught with feelings of threat.

6 Benefits of Creating More Inclusive Workplaces

Inclusion is proven to be good for business, but it’s also been shown to afford employees a host of psychological and physical benefits.

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