The SCARF® Model assesses the differences in people’s social motivation. Some people are more sensitive to status threat and rewards, others to certainty and relatedness. Having SCARF needs satisfied drives engagement and retention.

Learn more about the SCARF Model® by reading the blog post, Five Ways to Spark (or Destroy) Your Employees’ Motivation.

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  • Welcome to the SCARF® Assessment, a short, multiple-choice survey.

    The assessment will give you a better understanding of your relative sensitivity towards different types of social drivers in each domain of SCARF®.

    Knowing your strongest SCARF® drivers can help you:

    • Understand how your role and work environment impact your current engagement
    • Better regulate your emotions
    • Better communicate your needs to others
    • Make choices more suited to your own preferences

    Remember, there are no right or wrong answers.

    Once you click the submit button at the end of the survey, your results will appear on screen. You will then be able to print or email a copy for your records.

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