Breakthroughs in Reducing Bias in Hiring

Why are many companies struggling to create diverse workforces, despite spending millions on diversity training and recruitment?

Implicit bias may be partly to blame. Even people with the best intentions harbor attitudes or beliefs outside their conscious awareness. These blind spots can have a negative impact on hiring and people decisions. To make matters worse, research shows that conventional bias training as we’ve been doing it up until now has not been delivering big results.

Join Dr. Jay Van Bavel and Dr. Tessa West (NYU) to explore a research-based action plan for mitigating bias in hiring. This presentation will expand upon their latest article in the Wall Street Journal, providing a comprehensive overview of the research and seven specific steps HR leaders can take to remove bias from the selection process.

If you work in HR, you do not want to miss this chance to gain actionable insights and hear directly from the researchers.

View presentation slides here.

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