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Culture Change Isn’t a Mystery If Leaders Follow the Science

Your Brain at Work2019-01-14T15:15:19+00:00

NLI’s blog for all things neuroleadership.

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Leaders Should Be Striving Toward ‘Optimal Inclusion’ — Here’s Why

Leaders who practice optimal inclusion — that is, deploying the right people for the right jobs — can create more efficient, effective teams.

If You Want Employees to Speak Up, Start by Minimizing Threat

If leaders can make their organization a psychologically safe place to speak up, they can tap into a wellspring of new ideas from people who otherwise keep quiet.

We Want Your Questions On Gender, Performance, And Leadership

Ahead of an upcoming Facebook Live discussion on gender myths in performance and leadership, we want to hear which questions you'd like addressed on-air.

Build Efficient Teams by Practicing ‘Thoughtful Exclusion’

Leaders can assemble more efficient teams by practicing "thoughtful exclusion," a brain-friendly way to get important work done.

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