SURVEY RESPONSES NEEDED: How Have You Experienced Performance Management?

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Performance management has been in flux for the last decade, and now NLI wants to hear from you about your experiences with the PM process.

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Are you an employee or manager that has experienced your organization’s performance management process?

If so, we would like to invite you to take a short anonymous survey to help us better understand your experience. CLICK HERE to participate. It should take less than five minutes.

By participating in this survey, you will receive a copy of our recent study that explored the experience of companies, two years after making changes to their performance management systems: Is Transforming Performance Management Worth It? Findings from this research will be previewed at our NLI Summit in November, and further explored in a white paper, and in future webinars.

What are we studying?

After almost 10 years of companies transforming performance management, many have made the shift to continuous performance management (CPM) with varying approaches and results. At NLI, we’re conducting research through interviews and this survey to identify the current state of the market and provide a perspective on what’s coming next.

Specifically, we are looking to understand the behaviors that drive successful CPM and identify common problems that neuroscience can help solve. The question we’re researching is: What is creating decoherence — or tangles — in continuous performance management redesign?

Our key questions

For this project, we will be exploring the following questions:

  • What is the experience of effective performance management like for leaders and employees?
  • What behaviors and conversations are most impactful?
  • Where do companies struggle?
  • How do companies evaluate? Ratings, no ratings, somewhere in the middle? Or return to ratings? Where are companies on this continuum, and why?
  • What role has technology played in the approach and design (and was it a driver of change)?
  • How are companies developing their managers to support continuous performance?
  • Where are companies focused next?

Surveying a wide variety of companies about their experience with performance management and changes from traditional to CPM is a critical part of this research project. The insights from this survey as well from the interviews we’re conducting will be critical in helping us better understand the biggest challenges organizations face in implementing a CPM process.

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