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These five topics resonated most with our readers in the first half of the year.

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2024. It’s been an eventful six months, with issues related to performance management, accountability, and AI transformation rising to the forefront. But before we dive headlong into the second half of the year, let’s see which topics resonated most with our readers. Below are the top five most-read articles on the Your Brain at Work blog for the first half of 2024.

Psychological Safety and Accountability: Three Insights From NLI’s Conversation With Amy Edmondson

Psychological safety and accountability are often thought to be in conflict. In reality, they’re both essential components of high-performing teams, according to a conversation between Dr. David Rock and Dr. Amy Edmondson.

What It Looks Like to Create Psychological Safety and Accountability

In pursuit of results, leaders don’t have to choose between kid gloves or command-and-control. See how Shawn, a thoughtful manager at a large organization, learns this lesson.

3 Ways Neuroscience Can Help You Become a Better Leader

Understanding neuroscience, which helps explain core functions of the brain common to us all, can help leaders be more effective at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Here’s how to help your employees bring their best brains to work.

The Forecast for 2024? Continued Uncertainty for Leaders

Here are the five biggest leadership trends for 2024, according to NLI founder and CEO David Rock. A version of this article, which discusses how leaders can cope with continued uncertainty, appeared in Fast Company.

How to Be the ‘Change Architect’ Your Organization Needs

Most culture change initiatives fall apart because nobody attends to the key factors that determine their success. A version of this article, which describes the three things change architects must check before embarking on a culture change, appeared in Fast Company.

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