Culture and Leadership

By the Numbers: The State of Women in the Workplace

illustration of a woman in business clothes next to text reading: "1 million fewer women in the workforce inJan 2022 vs Feb 2020

It’s long been known that women in the workforce have had an uphill battle, in everything from getting equal pay to their male counterparts to how many women sit in top leadership positions. Even as new research has shown that women in top roles produce better financial results, “today’s lack of gender parity in leadership further informs and reinforces gender inequity because it has a measurable negative effect on the retention of female employees,” our researchers at NLI wrote in a paper on the science of gender and performance.

As we continue to watch the work of women evolve, here’s a look at how things have progressed–and regressed–for women over the past few years.

We want to hear from you. What’s your experience, based on your gender, been like in the workplace?

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