Efficiency is the name of the game in many organizations. They ask themselves: How can we create the strongest bottom line with the least friction possible?

Artificial intelligence often emerges as one go-to solution. The processing power of a machine, coupled with the fact computers don’t complain or require things like benefits, makes technology a tempting alternative to human employees.

At this year’s NeuroLeadership Summit, author and speaker Douglas Rushkoff will lead the keynote address on preserving the value of humans in organizations. He’ll also speak on the downsides of moving away from a focus on people.

“We end up losing all of those places that aren’t performing immediate profit or utilitarian value right now,” Rushkoff, author of the book Team Human, tells NLI. “And then they’re not there when you want them back because they take time to develop.”

What to expect at the Summit

This year’s Summit will feature a diverse group of leading thinkers, scientists, and business leaders discussing issues around habit formationgrowth mindsetspeaking uprisk-takingsocial learning, and more.

Each session approaches the topic of human organizations from a different perspective. And each speaker in those sessions will have a different story to tell. (For a full list of Summit presenters, click here.)

Stay tuned for future blog posts featuring individual speakers and highlighting research pulled straight from this year’s event.

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