2019 NEUROLEADERSHIP SUMMIT: A More Human Organization

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The theme of this year's NeuroLeadership Summit is "A More Human Organization." Read more to learn what makes a refocus on people so vital.

Leaps in technology are accelerating faster than ever. What we considered high-tech just a few years ago may already be dusty and outdated.

For leaders, this race to the cutting-edge has created a breathless competition for workers with the right hard skills. It’s also sparked the trend of organizations looking to solve talent challenges with software, preferring to automate, rather than educate.

At NLI, we want to champion a new approach to talent strategy, which we’re adopting as the theme for this year’s NeuroLeadership Summit: creating a more human organization.

What is a more human organization?

“Human” can mean a lot of things. In this case, we’re referring to “brain-friendly.” An organization is more human the more its employees honor the natural functions of the brain, its specialties, and its limitations.

That means holding meetings with specific intentions of promoting inclusion, mitigating bias, using rewarding rather than threatening language, and building a growth mindset teamwide.

We feel confident, based on the prevailing research, that taking a more human approach yields a healthier bottom line and helps organizations achieve their goals with greater engagement and speed.

What to expect at the Summit

We’re taking this spirit of recommitting to human organizations and applying it in all directions. This year’s Summit will feature a diverse group of leading thinkers, scientists, and business leaders discussing issues around habit formation, growth mindset, speaking up, risk-taking, social learning, and more.

Each session approaches the topic of human organizations from a different perspective. And each speaker in those sessions will have a different story to tell. (For a full list of Summit presenters, click here.)

Working with other people to achieve a common goal has always been what’s made work so meaningful. So consider this year’s NeuroLeadership Summit your best opportunity to bring that hallmark of human interaction to your organization today.

Stay tuned for future blog posts featuring individual speakers and highlighting research pulled straight from this year’s event.

Learn more about the 2019 NeuroLeadership Summit and secure your spot today.

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