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The question of how to launch a transformation can seem too big to tackle, but with a brain-friendly approach, there are a few first principles to follow.

Leading a transformation at work can feel a bit like cleaning a messy room. (Okay, it’s a little more complicated, but stay with us.) You don’t necessarily have a good idea of where to start, or which steps to take to get there. At the beginning, all you really have is a mess and an idea of what you’d like to clean up.

The NeuroLeadership Institute has helped dozens of organizations work through their transformations over the past decade. Time after time, the same issues of human behavior keep coming up. Leaders need to understand why their people follow them (and the impact they have on those followers), in addition to the importance of being inclusive along the way.

Below we’ve assembled several blog posts that help explain our research and thinking a bit better. Let them serve as a guide for your next transformation.

The 3 Core Habits of Every Business Transformation

Transformation is on just about every leader’s mind, but not every organization is equipped to handle major change. Science can help.

Here’s Why ‘Change’ Isn’t a Dirty Word

Humans may instinctively resist change, since it threatens our current stability, but research suggests there are ways to reframe change as a positive.

Why Followers Follow

A key aspect of organizational transformation involves leaders getting buy-in from their teams. But leadership doesn’t come without followership.

How ‘Optimal Inclusion’ Helps Drive Transformation

When the right people come together, teams can think and act more efficiently. At NLI, we call this balance “optimal inclusion.”

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