The Essentials: Autonomy

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It’s crucial for leaders to find ways to provide autonomy to their employees. In this roundup, we share some of our top tips for how to empower people by providing options.

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Think of the last time you didn’t get to choose, whether an ice cream shop was out of your favorite flavor or your manager assigned you a project instead of asking what you’d like to tackle next. Chances are, it probably felt pretty crummy. Autonomy is tied to a sense of control over the events in our lives and, perhaps even more critically, the perception that our behavior has an effect on the outcome of a situation. That’s why it’s crucial for leaders to find ways to provide autonomy to their employees, even in the smallest ways possible. Read on to learn more about how to empower people by providing options.



The Neuroscience of Autonomy    

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The Power of Choice


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Autonomy in Action

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