WEBINAR: What Science Says Leaders Should Do In Turbulent Times

Leadership in turbulent times
Science can help us understand the data about the corona virus, what leaders should do to address the threat, and how to navigate these uncertain times.

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In times of turbulence, leadership is more important than ever. Without it, external forces can easily become overwhelming and destabilizing.

The coronavirus has brought about more than your typical bout of turbulence, and created a new reality for organizations around the world. Leaders are faced with decisions that have dramatic effects on not only their businesses, but the well-being and safety of their employees.

In this climate, how do leaders make the right decisions and execute them effectively?

NLI Co-Founder and CEO Dr. David Rock will discuss this question and more in a webinar this Friday, March 13. David will explore the big decisions leaders face, the biases that could cloud the decision-making process, and the courses of action science suggests every leader should be taking.

Click here to watch our webinar Coronavirus: What Science Says Leaders Should Do.

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