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Want People Back in the Office? Design With the Brain in Mind

By Laura Cassiday, Ph.D. & Trumere Butler

With office occupancy hovering around 50% of pre-pandemic levels, many companies are looking to downsize — or reconfigure — their office space. Although many jobs can be done from home, collaboration and teamwork sometimes benefit when employees have the option of interacting face-to-face. In addition, some employees prefer the social stimulation of being in an office compared to working alone. So how do employers design a space that accommodates different work schedules and styles, all while making the office a place employees can do their best work and actually want to be?

Flexibility First:

Flexibility First

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Variety Is Key:

Variety Is Key


Consider Acoustics


Consider Acoustics:


Back to Nature:

Back To Nature

Soften the Edges:

Soften the Edges


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