2020 NEUROLEADERSHIP SUMMIT: Build a Better Normal

2020 NeuroLeadership Summit--Build a Better Normals

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Uncertainty can spark new opportunities to reimagine culture. Learn to build a better normal with strategies from today's leading scientists and executives.

These unprecedented times can spark unprecedented ideas about how an organization is run, what matters most, and what values they want to uphold. That’s why, at the 2020 NeuroLeadership Summit, you’ll learn how to build the habits and systems to support organization-wide change and build not just a new normal, but a better normal.

Why build a better normal?

For months we’ve all been eager to get back to the way things were. Yet this time provides a rare and real opportunity to come back better. To truly leverage the moment, the 2020 NeuroLeadership Summit is your chance to learn from scientists and business leaders to solve the issues your organization is facing with creative, brain-friendly strategies.

What to expect at this virtual Summit

This year the Summit is improved with technology, rather than limited by it. We’ll have new ways of connecting with each other, and new ways of generating insights.

Expect to learn from today’s leading scientists how to build a better normal, based on science, combined with experiments happening in today’s most cutting-edge organizations.

Participate live in your time zone or on-demand with same-day recordings so you don’t miss a moment.

And expect us to abide by our four key principles of the NeuroLeadership Summit:

  • Ideas are like food, so we ensure there’s time for digestion.
  • Social experiences enhance recall, so expect to make friends.
  • Less is more for building habits, so we focus on the essentials.
  • Cognitive capacity is real, so we work hard not to overwhelm you.

Who should attend the NeuroLeadership Summit?

C-Level Executives

Discover how brain research unlocks new possibilities for dramatic organizational improvement, productivity, and innovation.

L & D Professionals

Learn how to create learning experiences powered by a deeper understanding of how the human brain functions.

Talent & HR Professionals

Explore best practices in HR and learn from case studies featuring some of the most influential global organizations.

It’s a brand-new world out there, and it’s a brand-new Summit in here. Let’s build a better normal together!

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