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A figure holds up a mirror in an image advertising fast company's article on changing perceptions, including Dr. Michaela Simpson of the NeuroLeadership Institute.
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How to change someone’s perception of you

Whether it’s a past mistake, a misunderstanding, or simply getting off on the wrong foot, not everyone will have a high opinion of you. Unfortunately, that negative perception can impact your ability to work together, lead, or get ahead.

In this article cognitive scientists including NLI’s own Dr. Michaela Simpson come together to provide readers with tips on how to assess—and improve—relationships that start off badly.

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Illustrated image depicting a father cradling two children as he reads them a story. Serves as the featured image for an article titled "The NeuroScience of Storytelling".

The Neuroscience of Storytelling

Humans love stories, and live their lives through them, from Netflix to work discussions. But what do we know about storytelling and the brain, why does it resonate, and why should it be a bigger factor at work?

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