Introducing a new way to harness the most valuable leadership tool of our time — Growth Mindset.

The neuroscience of growth mindset.

Millions of people at organizations around the world have transformed the way they work for the better since adopting our neuroscience-based approach to organizational Growth Mindset.

With the introduction of the GROW Social Learning Experience, individuals and organizations can practice, and sustain Growth Mindset every day — supercharged by AI, alongside a cohort of peers, and executed in the flow of work.

Best For

Teams contributors who seek to navigate change successfully, achieve challenging goals, and build continuous learning cultures.


Facilitated virtually through an ongoing Social Learning Experience (SLE) platform, interactive content, AI-driven insights, and collaborative learning cohorts.


Self-paced learning journeys that can be completed, week-by-week, over the course of thirty days within a constantly-evolving social learning platform.

Time Commitment

Establish, enhance and sustain powerful leadership habits in just 15 minutes per week, all in the flow of work.

Understand, practice, and reinforce the powerful habits of Growth Mindset alongside a cohort of peers motivated to learn, share, and grow together.

GROW: The Neuroscience of Growth Mindset transforms the uncertainty of change into an opportunity for growth.

With our groundbreaking approach to organizational Growth Mindset, teams can build “learn-it-all” cultures that lead to greater innovation, smarter experimentation, and better business results.

Innovate, learn, and transform with the powerful habits of GROW.

Participants can expect a dynamic and personalized social learning journey built on the neuroscience of learning — across three evidence-based habits.

Value Progress

Explore the value of everyone embracing the growth mindset.


Inspire employees to continually learn, grow, and improve.

Learn From Others

Further embed the learning to establish greater buy-in across teams.

Brain-friendly modules, built on learning science, drive retention and impact

Cohort-based journeys help to cultivate community and social learning

Videos, guides and contextual tools activate habit adoption
in real-time

Scenario-based learning helps participants practice and sustain habits

Contextualized prompts deepen insight through guided reflection

Trusted as the Growth Mindset Partner To Some of the World’s Most Impactful Organizations

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of GROW participants shifted from fixed to growth mindset at least once weekly
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What do a European telecom, a tech giant, a healthcare firm, and a pharma company have in common? They all have decided to support their workforce through building a growth mindset culture.

“Growth Mindset: Case Study Collection” features the growth-mindset journey of Microsoft, Telenor, Cigna and Bristol Myers-Squibb.

Even though each journey differs from the others, and none of the business contexts, industries, or transformation efforts are the same, each of these organizations is dedicated to enabling their leaders and employees to adopt a mindset that values things such as stretch goals, continuous development, and experimentation. 

Start your learning journey today


Enroll in GROW: The Neuroscience of Growth Mindset SLE

Open enrollment cohorts begin February 15, 2024. Choose a plan below to begin the enrollment process.


Custom learning for whole organizations.
Priced to Scale
  • Dedicated implementation support for behavior change, adoption and ongoing improvements
  • Ongoing measurement and impact reporting
  • Use of the IP in any other learning experiences for this population during license term
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