Your Brain At Work LIVE – S6:E07 – The Great Realization: The High Cost of Exclusion

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As offices continue to open up, a study, recently conducted by Future Forum, found that only 3% of Black professionals want to return to the office full-time. Looking deeper, this statistic is a reflection of the depth and breadth of microaggressions that occur in the workplace and the psychological harm Black professionals experience. 

Which brings larger questions of this impact to light. What ramifications could this have on diversity of teams, innovation, and companies’ bottom lines moving forward? What should leaders do to address this alarming discovery?

In this episode, Dr. Brian Lowery, Dr. Michaela Simpson, and Janet Stovall will unpack this data and its relation to workplace culture and Black professionals’ sense of belonging at work. Tapping into the science of cognitive bias and lived experiences, they will share ways organizations can create more inclusive cultures in the era of hybrid work.

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