Leadership Essentials Pt. II: The Science of Team Motivation

In a fast-moving world, what, exactly, is a great leader’s role in mobilizing others at work? This week, join the NLI community to learn how to communicate more effectively and bring others to their won insights faster.

Join Dr. David Rock and Dr. Emma Sarro in a community discussion to explore what it takes to sustainably lead yourself and your teams to optimal performance.

We’ll look at the science behind:

  • How managers can best learn to build strong connections, ensure shared understanding, and accelerate insights so that interactions are efficient and effective.
  • The importance of setting the right course by personalizing interactions, setting great goals, and delegating so you can supercharge your own productivity – and that of your reports.
  • Why inspiring great work is all about making ongoing feedback the norm, and part of effectively maintaining momentum and bridging performance gaps so you can optimize motivation and engagement.

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