Case Study: Organisational Growth Mindset at Work with Terumo

Operationalising Growth Mindset with Terumo

Join our Co-founder and CEO, Dr. David Rock, and Probir Das, Group Executive Officer at Terumo APAC, to be inspired by the journey of this global leader in medical devices. Terumo has been in operation for over 100 years and in 2022, embarked on a global journey in partnership with the NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI) to activate the power of an organisation-wide growth mindset.

Probir Das has been a strong advocate of the initiative and strongly believes it helped him personally and professionally. Within the Asia-Pacific region, Probir took it a step further: he has operationalised the NLI’s game-changing Growth Mindset framework by creating a ‘Seed fund’ dedicated to experimentation, and he constantly encourages the team to innovate.

Learn how Terumo developed 400 prototypes so far since the implementation of NLI’s GROW. They have also adopted a ‘Mistakes Learned Award’ and ‘Peer learning teams’ to constantly value progress, which includes both failures and wins.


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