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Debra Fraser

Regional Director, APAC NeuroLeadership Institute

Debra Fraser joined NLI back in 2010 bringing finely tuned B2B Account Management skills that were honed in a successful career spanning 20 years largely responsible for driving solution-focused client strategies in marketing, PR, and sponsorship.

Debra uses that broad skill set in her new role as APAC Regional Manager. She is now responsible for region’s business development, driving regional strategies to develop key relationships and networks to meet revenue targets.

Her strengths lie in communication including maximising workplace relationships, collaboration and managing group dynamics. Using strategic thinking and her experience of business and workplace culture she loves nothing more than working with her clients to unlock potential, expand skills, resources and creativity.

She has a BA in Communications and is fluent in Italian. In her spare time Debra loves gardening, painting and cuddling her dogs.

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